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Xiaomi Shopping Guide | Get the ultimate home tech home

Ever notice how everything is automated in sci-fi TV and movies?

All the lights, switches, doors, electrical equipment are automatic. When the character enters the house, the light comes on, the A/C starts to work, and even the AI housekeeper would welcome its host back home.

Don’t get mad, get even! Live the sci-fi dream; we can now live in a smart house too with some awesome gear straight from Xiaomi! 


1. Your World Full of Light

The original Xiaomi Yeelight Light gives you full control over your light: from the color temperature, to the brightness, and more.

Safe white light is perfect for working, studying, and writing; while romantic pink light is ideal for dating, shower; soft yellow light is designed for sleeping, watching movie; while the comfortable green light is suitable for relaxing and reflecting.

With touch-sensitive controls, including a touch dial for brightness, the lamp can also be controlled with a dedicated Xiaomi app. Versatile, easy to use, and affordable, get light evolved.



2. Master the Power in Your House!

The original Xiaomi Mi smart socket gives you power over… power. Stay in control with the user-friendly app, and view all the power consumption anywhere from your phone.

You can also set timers for individual sockets to save power, additional security and flexibility; it’s a great way to stay connected even when you’re not at home. 

Overload protection and high temperature resistance also keep your home safe.


3. Find your Personal Housekeeper Here

The original Xiaomi Mi smart temperature and humidity sensor is your personal housekeeper that records the real-time condition of the temperature and humidity of your house, and reports to you wherever you are.

Automatic alarms will also notify you about any abnormal or unsafe readings. Just connect to Xiaomi’s app and never miss any environmental information. 


4. Control Gadgets like Magneto 

With the original Xiaomi Mi magic controller, you can become the true master of your home. This innovative smart hub controller keeps you on top of all your electrical appliances at home.

With full gesture controls – including shake, push, knock, or rotate 90 or 180 degrees – you can control different devices like a boss. One gesture corresponds to one device, just be sure to set up the gesture first. 

The portable, compact form factor, simple design, and powerful features give this lightweight hub heavyweight functionality.

Note: The electric appliance need to be Xiaomi smart products (e.g. the ones listed in this blog post). 


5. A Robot Physician? Why Yes.

The original XiaoMi Mi smart weight scale is the other housekeeper in your house. This one keeps tabs on your physical condition, recording your weight every time you stand on it, and using the data to analyze your body condition and health.


Download the Xiaomi sports app on your smartphone for an overview of your health, including BMI data and diet recommendations. Even better, the smart weight scale can record up to 16 different users with automatic analysis.


With Xiaomi, the future is now.

It’s easy to create an intelligent, sci-fi home. Using Xiaomi’s smart gadgets and your creative imagination, you can bring the future home today.


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