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Tianyi Audio TY-i30 Wireless player review: A modern version of the “VCD” machine?

Take a look at the current, mobile phone + Bluetooth audio + streaming music has become the mainstream, compared with the use of the environment at that time, the bedside phone now seems to be a bit out of date, but this does not mean that the bedside machine has come to an end. Many brands still insist on launching the bedside base connected to iPhone to play music, which is the extension of the bedside machine. In recent years, with the increasing demand of consumers for audio products, we can see that many friends have begun to move multi-functional desktop players to their homes to form a set of player systems for use in a room or even for the whole house. So in the new era, how to play the bedside machine is good enough? 

Appearance appreciation: modern version of “VCD” machine?

From the design point of view, Tianyi Audio TY-i30 and the popular desktop devices in recent years also use a concise and clear design language. The all-black metal fuselage brings a calm visual feeling, while the panel with metal wire drawing technology brings a sense of collision in the calm tone, so that users can feel a professional and fashionable atmosphere from the silver-black collision. 444x294x103mm BWH, you should know that many of the normal HiFi desktop all-in-one computers are too large, by contrast, the size control of the TY-i30 is medium. Combined with the design concept of neatness and moderation, whether it is placed at the bedside or in the study or even in the living room, it also seems to complement the modern home decoration.

As a desktop multi-function player, the front panel has become the main area for us to understand the state and operation of the machine. Tianyi Audio TY-i30 operation area is still relatively clear, the left side of the screen from top to bottom are the sound source, add / delete, and set function keys. The area on the right side of the screen can be divided into two sets of operation logic: in playback mode, it plays the functions of playback / pause, fast forward / rewind, previous song / next song, and in the menu section, it is responsible for selecting up and down, left and right, and the function of confirmation. The operation keypad on both sides is clearly marked for the user, and it is quite easy to get started.

At the same time, we can also see that the TY-i30 uses a 4-inch LCD color display. As a multi-functional digital player, this 4-inch screen can be regarded as a “big screen”. In the actual use of the LCD screen, the advantage of high brightness has been brought into full play, even in the case of strong sunlight, the display effect is still very clear. The distribution of functions of this system built in Tianyi Audio TY-i30 is regular, and there is no anti-human operation design. According to each sound source or function definition, module words are distinguished from left to right, showing rich and diverse information. For example, we can quickly understand what kind of music is being played and what type of sound source it belongs to.

In the external storage part, TY-i30 provides a USB interface in the lower right corner of the front panel for users to access the U disk and TF card sockets (located at the back of the body), supporting up to 128G storage devices. In addition, Tianyi Audio TY-i30 comes with a chip that supports Bluetooth 4.1 specification to receive digital audio signals from mobile intelligent devices, and the antenna behind the body allows Tianyi Audio TY-i30 to access the local area network, making Tianyi Audio TY-i30 more diverse. Users directly stream streaming music to TY-i30, through Air Play, DLNA, Q Play and other wireless transmission bandwidth and is very convenient and fast.

When we come to the back panel of Tianyi Audio TY-i30, we can see the erected wifi antenna and receive digital signals pushed from mobile phones. Tianyi Audio has prepared a rich interface for consumers. In terms of wired input, we can see common coaxial and optical fiber interfaces for users to connect to various types of turntables, including CD. In terms of output, we can see a set of balanced, two groups of unbalanced a total of three sets of analog output modes, as well as optical fiber and coaxial digital output. As far as the input and output interface is concerned, Tianyi Audio TY-i30 has enough ability to become the music and entertainment center of the family.

Since it is intended to be a music-listening entertainment center, Tianyi Audio is equipped with this remote control for TY-i30 in order to further facilitate the daily operation of users. The remote control panel also adopts the process of metal wire drawing, and the function is to gather the keys on the panel to facilitate daily operation.

At this point, I believe you have a certain understanding of the appearance and functionality of Tianyi Audio TY-i30. But then again, most players in the HiFi field not only focus on the function of the broadcaster, but also hold on to the “core” theory, and good internal materials and design may be the place that moves them the most. In this part, the digital audio receiver of TY-i30 uses Cirrus logic”s CS8416 chip, and CS84XX is our regular customer. It is widely used in all kinds of decoding machines and high-end active audio, and can support 192KHz/24Bit digital audio signal input up to; the decoding chip uses ADI AD1955, with a signal-to-noise ratio of 123dB and supports 24-bit / 192 kHz sampling rate PCM audio decoding. The unique feature of this DAC lies in its independent SACD (Super Audio CD) bit stream and external digital filter interface, which makes the whole circuit design more flexible.

The operational amplifier part is the OP2134, which is familiar to many friends and has different opinions. The middle and high-end operational amplifier of IT Company has actually been launched for some years, and it has become an obvious product in the market because of its ultra-low distortion and high driving force. Generally speaking, in terms of internal materials, TY-i30 is well-behaved and the comparison price is there, but the overall design is still reasonable and there is no obvious bottleneck in any part. The audio formats that can be perfectly decoded are also very rich, and mainstream lossless audio sources such as WAV, Flac, AAC and DIFF are supported. Users no longer have to worry too much about problems such as “format incompatibility”, which also brings good performance to the whole machine.

With the support of a variety of high-performance chips, TY-i30 supports the highest input and output of 24bit/192KHz PCM digital stream format, not to mention the popular lossless music formats such as WAV, flac and APE. In that case, what is the voice performance of TY-i30? Next, let’s test it with a variety of sound sources.

Wireless links: Bluetooth, WiFi LAN and directly connected push


As mentioned earlier, Tianyi TY-i30 not only supports local TF card and USB disk plug-in decoding, but also supports three kinds of wireless connection functions, which can receive songs pushed by mobile phones, IPAD and notebooks through WiFi signals such as DLNA, AIRPLAY or Bluetooth mode. before we can experience this part, we must now enable WiFi& Bluetooth service in the console, and other ways of audio source input will be terminated at this time.

Different from other wireless player products, the WIFI wireless audio transmission provided by Tianyi TY-i30 has two working modes: AP mode (hot spot direct connection mode) and network mode (local area network mode). Nowadays, there are 4 mobile phones, 3 laptops and other wireless devices at home. If you, like the editor, often worry about too many device connections interfering with routers that are already poor in performance, it doesn’t matter, TY-i30 ‘s AP mode solves this part of the problem very well.

Of course, whether it’s using.AP. Mode or network mode, WiFi. The long distance and sound quality improvements provided by wireless will be better than the traditional Bluetooth mode. Therefore, it is also recommended that people use these two modes more often, and after getting used to this way, WiFi. Another advantage of push is that the editor feels that one of the major reasons for choosing it is that there is no influence between the mobile phone and the player, and there is no embarrassing situation in which the voice in Wechat is played out loudly through the player.

Listen to a brief comment: warm HiFi simulated smell

As a medium and high-end power amplifier product, the speaker source and even the wire used with it have certain requirements, so the editor specially took a set of Tianyi multimedia audio TY-D01E as the reference equipment, and the sound source input part took the wireless WiFi mode and U disk plug as the reference input source for this test, the following briefly describes the subjective feelings.

Tianyi Audio TY-i30 from the beginning of the sound to the editor left a partial HiFi feeling, the typical HiFi style, warm “simulation taste” rich. In particular, the whole mellow and warm mid-frequency, coupled with its own TY-D01E voice tuning is also inclined to sweet and prominent style, creating not only the effect of the human voice image three-dimensional plump, full of emotion, the analysis of the human voice is also just right. In addition, the low-frequency quantitative sense is moderate, the low-frequency texture is relatively tight, the diving and transient of the sound are relatively excellent, the sound is fast, vigorous and powerful, and there is no sloppiness between the transceiver and the transmitter. The extension of the high-frequency part is clean and delicate, and the timbre is oily, gorgeous and bright, with a clear sense of air and a relatively rich sound. The overall sound balance is moderate, which may also be the characteristic of AD1955. There are many details of sound, and the amount of information created is also very rich.

It is worth noting that, as a non-small multi-function wireless player, Tianyi TY-i30 ‘s overall power consumption control is good, the actual standby power consumption is about 0.5W, plug can not be repeatedly unplugged, not only energy saving and environmental protection, to a certain extent, it is convenient for patients like Xiaobian who are “lazy”.


Compared with the bedside machine which is only wired and can only choose to read the CD carrier or receive airwave signals, the function of Tianyi Audio TY-i30 is obviously much stronger. In Tianyi Audio TY-i30, we can not only find the interface of traditional equipment, TY-i30 has wifi and Bluetooth wireless connection mode, but also in line with consumers. At the same time, the continuation of Tianyi Audio TY-i30 has a good tradition of good voice, which I believe is also very clear to friends who are a little old.

In short, if you just have a small world of your own and want to have a multi-functional and excellent desktop player, then Tianyi Audio TY-i30, with a price of just over 3, 000 is a choice worth considering.

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