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Samsung A90 5G review:A 5G flagship with fashionable appearance and high performance

As a representative of fashion appearance, Samsung A905G, as a member of Series A, is more stylish in appearance and comes to the flagship level for the first time. Qualcomm”s Snapdragon855+X50 baseband makes it officially included in the camp of 5G flagship phones, while the built-in 4500mAh battery and 25W super accelerated charging make Samsung A905G’s hardware foundation stand at the forefront of 5G, which is quite good-looking. What’s the experience of the new flagship of the A series? It is not too late to start measuring.

Appearance: round and fashionable, holographic 3D lattice design

The front of the Samsung A905G uses a gorgeous U-screen design and a 6.7-inch large screen. At first glance, it is more spacious and immersive than many phones designed with water droplets. Behind it is Samsung’s advantages as an upstream player in the screen supply chain, as well as the ingenious combination of design to achieve a different look and feel.

At the top of the screen, the U video screen design ensures that the hole in the front of the phone is smaller to the greatest extent. Samsung hides the proximity sensor, light sensor and screen fingerprint recognition sensor at the bottom of the display screen, making the screen display area larger. The Samsung Galaxy A905G has a high screen ratio of 93.4% on the 6.7-inch super-large screen, making people attracted by the phone’s screen as soon as they get the line of sight in their hands.

The back of the fuselage has a very comfortable design, using a holographic 3D grid design, the back looks very simple, the light reflects a very fashionable lattice texture. Ultra-narrow fuselage frame design, with 20:9 screen ratio, so that the fuselage in line with ergonomic design, very comfortable to hold, while the fuselage provides black and white two colors, the appearance of the fuselage is more simple and generous.

What we got this time is the holographic black version of Samsung A905G. Black is a color matching full of mature and mysterious flavor, and it also happens to attach a business taste to Samsung A905G. Holding it in your hand, you can see that Samsung A905G presents different colors from different angles, while the upper and lower parts of the fuselage show a gradual style similar to the “wrong version” feeling is very individual. At the same time, the design of the grid pattern makes each piece of color on the back of the fuselage different, which can visually give the user a function of showing taste.

Fashion has always been synonymous with the Samsung A series, but this time, the combination of fashion and flagship configuration makes the Samsung A905G more eye-catching, but not just the appearance, but also the “connotation” of the Samsung A905G as a flagship phone.

Image: the rear triple camera, takes in the beautiful scenery

Samsung has always had a good reputation in terms of shooting performance, and seems to have linked the word “take a good picture” to Samsung’s mobile phone.

The Samsung Galaxy A905G is equipped with a 48 million-pixel rear main camera, a 8 million-pixel ultra-wide-angle camera and a 5 million-pixel virtual camera, which work together to record the truth under multi-scene and multi-scene shooting conditions.

We can see the picture shot under the lens of Samsung A905G, in the complex light environment, the contrast of the whole picture is relatively full, the photo shows a three-dimensional sense, and the color restoration is very accurate. Can accurately show the bright color of the object.

At the same time, with the dual blessing of its 5 million-pixel depth-of-field camera and Samsung’s virtual algorithm, the real-time virtual mode shooting of the phone itself can accurately shoot photos comparable to those taken by a SLR. The foreground in the picture is obviously contrasted with the background, and the main body of the picture is prominent, so it is not too much to describe it by shooting a large film casually.

At the same time, if you want to take shocking photos when you travel, how can you get less blessing from the ultra-wide angle? Equipped with a 8 million-pixel ultra-wide-angle camera on the Samsung A905G, and with an ultra-wide 123 °field of view, it is not inferior to most flagship phones and can bring users more interesting ways to play.

At night, 48 million pixels bring more light through four-in-one pixels, and also provide a more solid hardware foundation for Samsung A905G night scene shooting. You can see that the Samsung A905G night imaging definition is very excellent. There is no obvious smear phenomenon in many details, and what is more eye-catching is the performance of color saturation, which makes the picture fresh and smart.

Even when it comes to the high light ratio scene at night, the Samsung A905G performance is also easy. While the high tolerance screen suppresses the highlights, the details of the shaded parts are also fully preserved, making the night sample closer to what we can see with the naked eye. The overall performance is satisfactory.

Performance: flagship processor, hardcore gaming power

For a 5G mobile phone, performance can be said to be a very important link, so the Samsung A905G comes with a combination of Snapdragon855 processor and X50 5G baseband, bringing the ultimate performance and 5G speed experience at the same time.

Looking at the hardware data alone, you may not find it enjoyable, so let’s do the running score test that we all like to hear and hear.

From the point of view of running points, Samsung A905G scored as high as 451952 AnTuTu points, there is no doubt that all the performance of Snapdragon855 has been shown, and even close to the mainstream scores of Snapdragon855+ models, Geekbench, single-core 3423 points, multi-core 10820 points, Lu Masters experience review reached 150.97 points, these scores mean that Samsung A905G stood in the first echelon of performance mobile phones.

After running points, we return to reason, after all, no matter how high the running scores can not fully represent the whole of this phone, the most real is the actual combat game experience. First of all, we chose “Game for Peace”, which has a large number of players and high requirements for mobile phones, to test. First of all, in the setting, set the picture quality and frame rate to the highest, and then record the game frame rate through professional software.

In the setting, we found that Samsung A905G natively supports the “ultimate” frame rate of “Game for Peace”, which means that game developers and manufacturers have full confidence in its performance. As can be seen from the record, under the limit frame rate setting, Samsung A905G can run the game at full frame rate smoothly, with an average frame rate of 59.5 frames, and the whole game is very smooth.

Of course, “Game for Peace” can not meet our extreme test “appetite”, came to the configuration requirements of the more extreme wild racing 9, Samsung A905G seems to be the same performance, you can see the average frame rate reached 55.9, in the full open case, for this performance APP is a very rare performance, the whole process without any stutter, easy to play the game.

Whether a flagship mobile phone is qualified or not, in addition to excellent performance, of course, it also needs to have a lasting experience. Battery life is also an aspect that many people pay close attention to on 5G mobile phones at present. As 5G mobile phones have been greatly improved in all aspects, their power consumption speed has also increased synchronously, so carrying large-capacity batteries can be said to be the best solution. Samsung A905G 4500mAh battery gives users plenty of confidence.

From the actual game tests, we use about 9% electricity per hour when we run Game for Peace and 3% per hour for operations such as browsing Weibo. Samsung A905G insists on one charge a day for players who often need to use their phones heavily. In addition, the Samsung A905G also supports 25W fast charging, which is at the mainstream flagship level and can help users restore power in a short period of time.

Supports 5G extreme speed network

As a 5G mobile phone, we have to mention the Qualcomm X50 5G baseband carried by Samsung A905G, which only supports the 5G network in NSA (non-independent networking) mode, has faster data transmission speed and shorter delay than the 4G 5G network, and it is still a better solution in the 5G network for some time in the future, which can bring the experience of downloading music, network video and playing big scene games at a high speed under the 5G network. Let users enjoy high-speed network life.

It is worth mentioning that the Samsung A905G supports automatic switching of 5G networks. To put it simply, when we are in a network environment covered by 5G, we can naturally switch to the corresponding network, which is what many 5G phones on the market cannot do at present.

In the actual network speed test, Samsung A905G did not disappoint. In the Unicom 5G network environment test, Speedtest measured the downstream speed as high as 675Mbps and the upload rate as high as 73.3Mbps, which means that large games like “Game for Peace” can be downloaded in 20 seconds through Samsung A905G, achieving a 5G speed experience that is always one step faster.


On the whole, the comprehensive review for Samsung A905G does not live up to the official phrase “comparable to flagship 5G phones”. Its excellent shooting ability, efficient battery life, flagship processors and so on, all add up to enable Samsung A905G to play an important role in this fast-budding 5G era. The starting price of 4499 yuan is more fashionable and price-friendly among the flagships of 5G. For young users who pay attention to quality, Samsung A905G must be able to occupy a place.

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