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Red Magic 5G Game phone review: find your own balance between trade-offs.

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Red Magic 5G game phone.

On the evening of March 12, Nubia held its first press conference in 2020, and the new Red Magic 5G gaming phone was finally unveiled. Compared with previous Red Magic phones, the new Red Magic 5G gaming phone has changed a lot in appearance, as well as leading performance and a variety of game optimizations, which can also impress gamers who pursue extreme speed.

A good balance between “e-sports” and “sense of Science and Technology”

Since 2020, smartphone manufacturers have worked hard on the “screen”. High refresh rate and high resolution have become the standard configuration of flagship phones. The, Red Magic 5G game phone will also focus on the screen upgrade, a screen with a high 144Hz refresh rate is already the highest screen refresh rate in the mobile phone industry. The display of 144 frames per second greatly reduces the shadow in the game screen and makes the animation effect more delicate when sliding.

Red Magic 5G game phone.

Like other phones, Red Magic 5G gaming phones also support refresh rate adjustment. Officials provide us with three different refresh rates, namely 60Hz, 90Hz and 144Hz. In 144Hz, both the sliding feel and animation effects are very smooth and delicate. However, the players who often play “Game for Peace” and “King Honor” do not support the ultra-high refresh rate of 144Hz, and these players can also achieve a balance between fluency and power consumption by adjusting to the 90Hz refresh rate.

Red Magic 5G game phones provide options such as 60Hz, 90Hz and 144Hz.

Red Magic 5G game phone.

In addition, the, Red Magic 5G game phone also uses the classic upper and lower equal width screen design, and the black edges on both sides also effectively avoid the mistouch phenomenon that is easy to occur when holding the horizontal screen. The 6.65-inch AMOLED screen, coupled with 100% DCI-P3 gamut coverage, HDR visual effects and support for DC dimming, the, Red Magic 5G gaming phone has been able to meet the needs of players in terms of hardware quality.

Red Magic 5G game phone.

The good on-screen display shows the pursuit of Red Magic, while the new design reflects Red Magic”s attitude towards game phones, that is, to strike a good balance between gaming wind and technology. The Red Magic 5G game phone uses a glass backplane design, curved glass provides a round grip feel, compared with our traditional impression of the “game phone” with fewer edges and corners. The X-shaped texture on the backplane, coupled with the RGB light belt and the “Red Magic Eye”, continues the consistent characteristics of Red Magic.

Red Magic 5G game phone.

The Red Magic 5G game phone is also equipped with a physical fan with a built-in fan of up to 15000 rpm, slightly higher than the previous generation of Red Magic 3S. But unlike the previous Red Magic phone with side frame opening + back opening design, the, Red Magic 5G game phone has holes on the side of the body. Officials say the design can increase the heat exchange by 30%, while the overall surface area of the air duct radiator is increased by 56%, providing a better cooling effect.

Red Magic 5G game phone is equipped with air duct openings on the side.

Touch buttons, which were previously well received on Red Magic 3, are still retained. The touch key area of the Red Magic 5G game phone is still designed with U-shaped grooves, and the corresponding area can be accurately touched during blind operation. And in order to improve the accuracy of the, Red Magic 5G game phone also uses a dual-touch IC scheme, the two IC are responsible for the corresponding keys to improve the response speed of the shoulder keys. Officials say the shoulder keys of the, Red Magic 5G game phone have the touch rate of 300Hz, which can be used in FPS mobile games to achieve one step faster.

Red Magic 5G game phone is equipped with touch shoulder keys.

Nowadays, the body weight of smart phones is getting heavier and heavier, and it is more common for more than 200g. Some game phones even release themselves completely, turning them into “bricks” one by one. This time the Red Magic 5G game phone is more reasonable in weight control, and the weight of 215g is not much different from that of other Snapdragon865 models.

Red Magic 5G game phone.

It is said that game phones are exclusive to hardcore players, but Red Magic 5G game phones prefer to find a reasonable coexistence solution between “e-sports” and “sense of technology”. The brand-new curved glass backplane creates a good feel for use, while the texture of the backplane and RGB lights continue the e-sports aesthetics of Red Magic. It is not only a powerful game console, but also a flagship product that can meet the needs of daily use.

A new height of air-cooled + liquid-cooled heat dissipation.

As we all know, playing games is a high demand for mobile phone hardware use scene, the performance of a mobile phone is not strong enough, naturally can not provide us with the best experience. This Red Magic 5G game phone comes standard with Snapdragon865 mobile platform, which is already the most powerful chip at present, together with LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.0storage, laying a solid foundation for a smooth gaming experience.

Red Magic 5G game phone.

A better gaming experience can’t be achieved without a powerful cooling system. The Red Magic 5G gaming phone is equipped with ICE3.0 dual multi-dimensional heat dissipation system, which is air-cooled and liquid-cooled, combined with high thermal conductivity materials and new optimized heat dissipation technology, allowing players to maintain a high performance state for a longer period of time.

“Wind-cold” has become a major feature of Red Magic game phones, and the air duct of Red Magic 5G game phones has been redesigned. Its air duct openings are located on both sides of the fuselage, forming a “north-south transparent” effect. This design can effectively improve the ventilation rate, coupled with high thermal conductivity materials, greatly improve the heat dissipation capacity. At the same time, the fan of the, Red Magic 5G game phone also uses a brand new centrifugal fan with a speed of up to 15000 rpm, which officials say can be used for 10, 000 days in 3 hours a day. And the power consumption of high-speed fans is also very low, and the power consumption of working continuously for an hour is less than 1%, which is almost negligible.

The built-in physical fan of the Red Magic 5G game phone can blow up the note.

In addition to air-cooled heat dissipation, the, Red Magic 5G game phone also has a liquid-cooled heat dissipation device inside, which is also standard for Red Magic phones. When the temperature of the mobile phone rises, the water vapor in the copper tube will take away the heat, and when the water vapor is cooled and liquefied, it will circulate back. This cooling system, which is composed of air cooling and liquid cooling, can keep the mobile phone at its best at all times and protect heavy gamers who play mobile games for a long time. After running a set of “Game for Peace”, the back panel of the, Red Magic 5G game phone has a maximum temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, and the hottest area is still in the position of the chip, so it won’t feel hot to the touch.

The position with the highest temperature is the chip area.

Before playing the game, don’t forget to dial the competitive key of the Red Magic 5G game phone to enter the game space. The game space of the Red Magic 5G game phone has been redesigned, which not only retains functions such as blocking calls / notifications and turning on fans, but also adds functions such as one-button connection and star assistance. As a Battle Royale Mobile Games player, the star assist function helps me a lot. Especially when multiple mirrors are not picked up at the beginning of the game, fast aiming can be achieved with the help of the star on the screen.

Red Magic game space.

Star assist.

Professional players hand game screen also has higher requirements, Red Magic 5G game phone game display enhancement function must be indispensable. At present, Red Magic 5G game phones create design enhancements, Moba enhancements and racing enhancements according to different games, which can enrich the color of the picture by improving contrast, picture sharpness or color richness. And if you don’t like frequent adjustments, you can also improve the effect of the game screen through intelligent enhancement mode.

Game display enhancements.

Of course, the “touch button” of the, Red Magic 5G game phone is also a must for chicken-eating players. In the course of the game, the two touch buttons can be mapped to other buttons, greatly improving the operability of the game. For example, in “Game for Peace”, I like to map the left and right touch buttons to “aiming” and “shooting”, so that the operation of aiming + shooting can be completed faster in the course of the game, and the gun can be pressed at the same time after cooperating with the screen. Even if you are a game rookie, you can also achieve the “four fingers eating chicken” operation that is common among high-end players.

“Eat chicken with four fingers”

The design of the side shoulder button is a design that significantly improves the game experience for gamers, but because the touch buttons use capacitive design, friends who are prone to sweat need to be careful. Once the hand sweat remains on the touch button, it is easy to “touch off a shuttle of bullets at a time”.

It is said that a good game experience needs to be improved in all aspects, and the Red Magic 5G game phone also brings a better touch for chicken-eating players. 4D Smart shock is designed for different games and different weapons. Officials say the shock supports more than 1000 game sound effects and more than 400 game scenes. Moreover, through the audio-track separation technology, the Red Magic 5G game phone also supports the independence of game sound and voice information, which can effectively avoid false shock caused by voice messages.

On the audio side, DTS tuning, which previously appeared in Red Magic phones, is also retained in Red Magic 5G game phones. The enhanced virtual bass algorithm can effectively improve the sense of hearing. In addition, the articulation enhancement algorithm of human voice dialogue and the anti-distortion algorithm for small speakers such as mobile phone speakers can improve the clarity of human voice and prevent external distortion in the course of the game.

A flagship product that meets daily use.

As a game phone, battery life performance is naturally a top priority. In order to balance the weight of the phone, the Red Magic 5G game phone uses a 4500mAh battery with a 55W fast charger, which officials say takes only half an hour to charge from 0 to 90%. In addition, the, Red Magic 5G game phone also makes full use of the built-in physical fan of the phone, which ensures that the phone will not overheat even if it is charged at a high current of 10A, which can also ensure that the phone can be charged more efficiently.

Although game phones are mostly used to play games, many people like to use Red Magic phones to record their lives. After all, Nubia has previously claimed that its products are “SLR machines in mobile phones”, and the photo performance of the Red Magic 5G has naturally attracted a lot of attention.

Red Magic 5G game phone is equipped with rear triple camera.

The Red Magic 5G uses a 64 million-pixel Sony IMX686 sensor to output a 16 million-pixel photo in a four-in-one way when taking pictures. In addition, the, Red Magic 5G is equipped with an ultra-wide-angle lens of 8 million pixels and a macro lens of 2 million pixels, which are suitable for shooting in multiple scenes.

Sample Red Magic 5G game phone (1x).

Sample Red Magic 5G Game phone (Ultra wide Angle).

Sample Red Magic 5G game phone.

Sample Red Magic 5G game phone.

Sample Red Magic 5G game phone.

From the sample sheet, it is remarkable to see the photo performance of the, Red Magic 5G game phone. IMX686 does show great strength, and the details of the photos are good. However, I think there is still room for improvement in the viewfinder of the Red Magic 5G. First of all, the official zoom options such as 1x, 3x, 5x and 10x are only available. The option of ultra-wide-angle lens is not available in the default mode. If you can add the switch option of ultra-wide-angle lens in the default mode in the future, the experience will be slightly better.

Write at the end.

The game phone is a very vertical market segment, and most of the users of the game phone are heavy mobile game players. , Red Magic 5G gaming phones are more restrained than other hardcore gaming phones. Curved glass provides a round grip, the gaming elements on the backplane are well designed, and the daily use of Red Magic 5G gaming phones will not be unexpected. The powerful heat dissipation provided by the physical fan and the delicate look and feel brought by the 144Hz screen also make the Red Magic 5G capable of becoming a new choice for players.

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