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OPPO R9 wins the No.1 sales in China, completely wins iPhone 6s

According to the second and third quarter cell phone shipment research date from the Sino-MR data company, the offline sales champion is the OPPO R9 smartphone.

The data shows, in the offline China market, iPhone 6s is in a good and stable sales situation which is very strong as a high price smartphone. But even it’s powerful like that, it only gets the second prize, the offline sales champion is the OPPO R9. OPPO is the company that not only pay attention to the online advertising but also focuses on the offline promotion.

The sales volume of OPPO R9 is far ahead of the No.2 iPhone 6s. And the following four models of cell phone are Huawei Mate 8, Huawei P9, Vivo X7, and Samsung S7 Edge.

Though Huawei P9 is released much later than the Mate 8, the shipment is closed. The price of the both two cell phones are not cheap, so they can achieve such kind of sales volume is unbelievable. If including all the models’ phone sales volume, Huawei is the largest shipment company among these two quarters in China.

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