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New iPad Pro Hands-on: it is the key to the next decade of iPad.

  But does this mean that laptops must be immutable? Apple obviously doesn”t see it that way.

IPad Pro, is a brand new solution provided by Apple. “your next computer, why is it a computer?” The slogan, also shows Apple’s confidence in the “Pro” device.

Can it become a new productivity tool in our hands?

Appearance: it is still a tough design.

The appearance of the new iPad Pro is still familiar to us, with an angular shape that is almost the same as that of the previous generation. In terms of thickness, the new iPad Pro remains at 5.9mm, but its weight is slightly heavier than that of the previous generation, and the handle is not significantly different from that of the previous generation.

IPad Pro thickness is 5.9mm.

I prefer iPad Pro’s “comprehensive screen design” to iPad products with Touch ID. The new iPad Pro still has a quadrilateral design and a rounded screen that looks a bit like an electronic photo frame. The most important thing is that the unlocked area of the, Face ID can also be perfectly hidden in the screen frame, looking quite harmonious when lighting up the screen.

According to Apple’s official parameters, the screen parameters of the new iPad Pro are the same as those of the previous generation. The resolution of the 11-inch version is 2388 × 1668 and the resolution is 2732 × 2048 for the 12.9-inch version, and the ppi is 264. At the same time, the new iPad Pro is also available, such as 120Hz’s ProMotion adaptive refresh rate technology, P3 wide color gamut, original color display, the highest 600nit brightness and so on.

In addition, the new iPad Pro is also equipped with a four-speaker design, and all four speakers have a subwoofer, so listening to music or watching video, iPad Pro after work can bring us a fuller and fuller sense of listening.

The iPad Pro is equipped with four speakers.

However, compared with the almost consistent front, the back upgrade of the new iPad Pro can be said to be quite huge. The iPad product line has also kept pace with the times, using a brand new matrix camera module. The combination of a 12-megapixels wide-angle lens and a 10 million-pixel ultra-wide-angle lens will help us get more unexpected pictures when we go out to shoot.

IPad Pro.

Next to the new iPad Pro camera module is a brand new “lidar scanner” that determines the distance by measuring the time it takes for light to touch an object and reflect back. Personally, lidar scanners are more of a symbol of Apple’s gradual layout in the AR field, and with the addition of more and more developers, the future of this feature is very broad.

Compared with previous iPad products, the industrial design of the 2017 iPad Pro is undoubtedly successful, which may be the reason why the new iPad Pro has less changes in appearance than the previous ones. .

Performance: how much is the A12Z improvement?

  , IPad Pro debuted with A12X bionic chip in the second half of 2018. In addition to the “full screen” design, many people also put the appearance on that chip. The processor uses 7nm technology and is integrated with 10 billion transistors, and its performance is even better than that of the A13 bionic, which was unveiled later. So how to further improve the performance of the product on the 2020 iPad Pro? Apple’s answer is to add more powerful graphics capabilities.

The new iPad Pro is equipped with A12Z bionic chip.

The new iPad Pro is equipped with a brand new A12Z bionic chip, which has a stronger 8-core GPU, which can bring better graphics performance and provide stronger performance support for professional application scenarios such as 4K video clips and 3D design. At the same time, the enhanced heat dissipation design also ensures higher peak value and more sustained performance.

We use AnTuTu run scores to test the performance of iPad Pro. After testing, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro scored 740000 points in the AnTuTu, which also shows us the power of A12Z bionics.

IPad ProAnTuTu’s running score is 740000.

Now, there are a lot of professional-level App on iPad, and Lumafusion is one of them. On the big screen of iPad Pro, the material library, preview area and timeline of Lumafusion can all be arranged in a reasonable position. And on iPad Pro, LumaFusion can also edit 4K videos directly, at least for the time I use it, the iPad Pro running LumaFusion remains smooth and the heat is well controlled.

Use LumaFusion to clip video.

At present, LumaFusion has been able to achieve a good editing experience, at least thanks to the large size of iPad Pro, its editing experience is certainly better than iPhone. And, iPad Pro’s excellent screen can also accurately restore our creative intention.

Photo: “iPhone 11” + dToF.

The most obvious upgrade of iPad Pro this time is the new combination of rear cameras. We can think of the new iPad Pro as an enlarged version of iPhone 11. After all, both of them are combined with wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle shooting. When taking daily photos, this new set of dual-lens camera already covers daily scenes, and there is no problem even taking some landscape photos through ultra-wide-angle lenses.

IPad Pro is equipped with 12 megapixels wide-angle lens + 10 million pixel ultra-wide-angle lens.

But iPad Pro can obviously do more than that. The new iPad Pro is equipped with five microphones, which officials say has reached the “studio level” effect.

In my opinion, the biggest upgrade of, iPad Pro is the brand new “lidar scanner”. It can determine the distance by measuring the time when the light touches the object and reflects back. To take a simple example, it’s a bit like the Mission impossible movie, which scans faces to complete 3D modeling and makes human skin masks.

Scanning human face 3D modeling to make human skin mask.

Officials claim that, iPad Pro’s special lidar scanners use direct time-of-flight (dToF), to measure light reflected from up to five meters in indoor or outdoor environments. In fact, we should be no stranger to ToF technology. Before that, many mobile phone manufacturers have achieved more accurate depth of field recognition and face recognition by adding a ToF lens.

DToF technology.

According to the data provided by the industry chain, the dToF lens used by, iPad Pro is more like an evolutionary version of ToF camera, with higher accuracy, smoother experience and lower power consumption. However, due to the complexity of the process, not many manufacturers use it.


In fact, the principle of dToF is not complicated. It emits a point laser and measures the return time. If the object is closer to the lens, the return is faster, and the longer the distance is, the slower the return is, and the final depth of field information is generated. With the new LiDAR technology, the new iPad Pro can more accurately measure the depth of field information in the picture, and then quickly complete the modeling, making the AR picture more real.

Complete the modeling through LiDAR technology.

AR application scenario.

Let us cite a few simple examples. With LiDAR, we only need to scan the room with iPad Pro to generate three-dimensional images with high precision, so that the AR content based on the three-dimensional level will become more real and natural. Or, when decorating a room, we only need to look at accurate three-dimensional images to confirm whether some soft furnishings can be placed in the home. These applications also provide more possibilities for the vigorous development of AR.

Keyboard + Apple Pencil= more powerful productivity.

In recent years, Apple has been promoting iPad Pro’s strong productivity performance, and Apple Pencil has become the best way to improve creativity. Many artists and painting lovers have made unexpected notes on iPad Pro through Apple Pencil, and student parties through Apple Pencil.

IPad Pro+Apple Pencil.

This year, Apple is trying to further increase the productivity of the iPad Pro with a new accessory.

  Yes, it is the magic keyboard.

IPad Pro+ wonderful control keyboard.

After the release of iPad Pro, the most popular keyboard was the keyboard with a trackpad. More than half of the content about iPad Pro on the Internet is related to the new Miaoku keyboard. Unfortunately, the keyboard won’t go on sale until May. Now we can only experience it from another angle, and that is to equip it with intelligent keyboard and touchpad.

IPad Pro+ smart control board.

I have to say, the floating keyboard does show us the strength of Apple in the field of industrial design. However, compared with suspension design, supporting touchpad can significantly improve productivity.

We directly connect the iPad Pro to the wonderful control board to simulate the actual use experience. When the two are connected, a newly designed “dot” appears on, iPad Pro’s screen. It is smaller than the “dot” in the accessibility function and appears only when the finger is placed on the trackpad.

IPad Pro+ smart control board.

Floating effects such as icons or buttons also appear when we move the “dot” to the App icon or button. When moving to the text, the “little dot” will also become a cursor, which shows that iPadOS has made a lot of detail improvements in order to be more productive at the detail level.

The touchpad has always been the pride of Mac users because it not only has a smooth sliding experience, but also has a lot of gestures. IPad Pro gestures are similar to Mac gestures. If you used to be a Mac user, iPad Pro gestures can also be used quickly. For example, we can return to the desktop by closing four fingers and pushing up three fingers; opening multitasking by pushing up and staying with three fingers; realizing four-dimensional sliding screen by sliding two fingers, or zooming in and out by two kneading. In addition, in text editing applications, two-finger click gestures will achieve similar “right-click” operations, such as “cut”, “copy” and “paste” options will be presented in the form of a menu.

There may have been a lot of users asking “can iPad Pro replace laptops”, but with the help of the new iPad Pro+ keyboard, I think there is no problem for iPad Pro to replace some lightweight laptops. Previously, in order to complete some operations, we had to move repeatedly between the keyboard and the iPad Pro screen, but the new touchpad on the Miaoku keyboard and the new “dots” in iPadOS completely liberated these complicated steps, so that complex operations can be done directly on the keyboard.

It is important to note that even if your iPad does not support the wonderful control keyboard, you can upgrade the iPad to iPadOS 13.4 and connect to the wonderful control board to use.

Another advantage of the clever control keyboard is the “feel”. This keyboard provides a scissors-like structure for 1mm keys and supports backlight. Yes, it’s the same keyboard for MacBook Pro 16 and the new MacBook Air. In other words, Apple has brought the same experience of Mac to iPad Pro, and it is certainly not a dream to kill some of the slim books of the dream combination of iPad Pro+ keyboards in the future.

IPad Pro+ smart control board.

If you are a regular codeword, or want to expand the use of iPad Pro, then the new keyboard must be an essential accessory. I even suggest that users who have previously bought the previous generation of iPad Pro should also buy this smart keyboard, as it is likely to be the best helper for iPad Pro to transform itself into a lightweight productivity tool.

What we need to do now is to wait patiently for the keyboard to go on sale.

Write at the end.

Apple said, “your next computer, why is it a computer?” But what we need to think more about is how to improve our work efficiency through a tool. It may not be reasonable to simply assume that “iPad Pro is unproductive” or to transfer all your current work to iPad Pro,.

The new iPad Pro, is the key to the next decade of iPad. Expand the imaginary space with AR, and radiate more professional areas with the combination of keyboard and trackpad. It is worthy of the name “Pro”.

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