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Nebula P2 projector first experience


Is there a way for you to take the cinema with you? Today, Zhai Xiaomi came to share with you the trial experience of such a product-Anke”s innovative Nebula P2 portable intelligent projection. Intelligent projector is a very popular new category in recent years, which is deeply loved by contemporary users because of its easy to use, easy to carry, diversified application scenes and so on. What is the experience of using this P2 portable smart projection? Next, please follow in the footsteps of the secretary of the house to have a look!


Small appearance take-away

For smart projectors, portability is definitely the biggest killer mace. In particular, compared with the traditional projector, the good portability makes the intelligent projector can adapt to more application scenarios, meet a variety of needs of users in daily life, and really improve the quality of life of users.


When you just get the Nebula P2, you will always unconsciously hold it in your hand, especially when the palm is relatively large, you will feel that you can hold this “elf” with one hand. Of course, in order to make it easy for users to carry, the P2 projector is equipped with a leather handle directly above the projector, so P2 users can pick it up and leave.


In the hand, the weight of the stand-alone is very important, excluding the power supply, remote control and other accessories, the measured weight of Nebula P2 is only 1.481kg, which is equivalent to the weight of a thin laptop, even girls will not feel too much weight in their hands for a long time.

Weighing results show that the weight of the single machine is 1481g

In addition, the portability of Nebula P2 is not only reflected in the portability of the whole machine, but also relatively small and does not take up too much space, whether you put it in a bag or in a car, it can be easily placed. Zhaoxiaomi has also seen many portable projection products, and to be honest, the Nebula P2 is one of the best in terms of portability. 


So that each white wall can become your cinema

After having enough portability, another advantage of intelligent projection in the experience is to adapt to as many scenarios as possible. After all, assuming that your projector is portable, it would be a bit of putting the cart before the horse if you have to carry a matching white projection screen everywhere.


So, in the use test, the house secretary once carried Nebula P2 across the mountains, rivers and seas, as well as through the crowd. The final conclusion is like the subtitle of this part, “Nebula P2 can turn every white wall into a cinema.”


First of all, in terms of brightness, Nebula P2 has 350ANSI lumens, which is already a good level in portable smart projection. Coupled with the mature DLP projection technology, even if not on the professional projection screen, the cast image is still clearly visible.


According to the size of the wall, you can adjust the projection size through the distance between Nebula P2 and the wall, from 30 inches to 150 inches, you can adjust yourself according to your own environment. And, in the process of adjusting the projection point, Nebula P2 can always adjust the image to a clearly visible state in a very short time through the built-in 1-second autofocus system, which is a very convenient experience.



Of course, under some special conditions, you may not be able to guarantee that the projector projects in the middle of the screen, it does not matter, Nebula P2 can support electric four corners (plus or minus 40 degrees) trapezoidal correction, in theory, can be side projection. However, in the actual testing process, ordinary users can not guarantee a good range of plus or minus 40 degrees, so, under as many conditions as possible, it is recommended that the equipment should be placed in the middle of the projection screen.


Projection picture quality as seen in the picture, supporting 720p HD high-definition display, making the projection screen more clear and delicate, like the impact of direct viewing with the naked eye, at the same time, the exquisite and real image display effect, but also further let the viewing users have a sense of presence.

Intelligent and diverse interactive experience voice, slide as you like

Since it is known as a smart projector, there should always be some functions that are smarter than traditional projectors. To some extent, the intelligence of Nebula P2 is more reflected in the way of interaction.


The remote control attached to the original factory, built-in voice function, gently press the voice button on the remote control, you can directly use the voice command to control the projection operation, this way of use, it is a very friendly experience for the elderly and children at home. 


Mobile phone. In addition, if you can’t find the remote control for a while, don’t panic. Nebula P2 can also carry out remote control through the mobile phone APP. At the same time, it supports wireless mouse operation. Multiple modes, you can always find one that is your favorite.

Video playback 4 hours after the power outage

The traditional projector must be connected to power, which undoubtedly limits the use of the projector to some extent. In general, smart projectors will have built-in batteries to expand their usage scene. Nebula P2 is no exception, built-in 12500mAh battery, coupled with Anker in the field of charging technology accumulation, so that the battery life of Nebula P2 can reach 4 hours.


 The battery life of the tripod with access to the standard interface at the bottom of the is 4 hours, enough for users to watch an American blockbuster. It is further extended that Nebula P2 can be used in some application scenarios without power supply. At the same time, in the plug-in scene, the built-in battery is also a good guarantee that in the event of a sudden power outage, you will not immediately lose your own cinema and continue to watch the movies you have not seen before.

Pairs of 10W Bluetooth speakers provide clear sound quality

House Secret has also mentioned more than once in the evaluation, for the viewing experience, not only the visual experience, but also the auditory experience is also very important. The Nebula P2 has built-in dual 10W Bluetooth speakers. It is reported that the built-in Bluetooth speakers are also owned by Anke Innovation, with sufficient quality assurance.


The speakers on both sides can bring the experience of surround sound

During the actual test, the cooperation of dual Bluetooth headphones can be called seamless, so that the speakers spread a clearly discernible sound around the Nebula P2 product itself, creating an integrated audio-visual experience as much as possible. 

Interface enriches both commercial and domestic

Nebula P2 as an intelligent projector, which is also equipped with a more comprehensive external interface design, thus further expanding the use scene of the projector.


For example, in a meeting scenario, temporary projection requirements arise even if there is no previous preparation for projection. It can also be connected with notebook computers, televisions and other devices through the HDMI interface, and then project a clear, huge screen image.


In addition, through USB, wireless projection and other ways, you can turn the mobile phone, U disk, mobile hard disk source into a huge screen display at any time. Building a mobile cinema with multiple sources is not a problem at all. Of course, it is not impossible to rely on these function points to create a mobile conference room.


The effect of the computer screen

Is more important to use the experience content!

Compared with traditional projector products, the Nebula P2 intelligent projector has one of the biggest advantages we have left for the final announcement. That’s the content! Yes, content is the most important word in TV, projection, game consoles or VR/AR video these days.


Intelligent projector is even more so, with built-in content providers to provide as many sources as possible, naturally become one of the selling points of intelligent projection. In terms of content, Nebula P2 is equipped with Tencent Aurora system, which contains a large amount of film and television entertainment resources. Data show that Tencent Aurora system has more than 50000 episodes of TV dramas and more than 10000 movies. Coupled with subsequent updates, it can definitely meet the needs of most users.

American TV series such as “complaining Conference”, “extreme Challenge 5” and “Game of Thrones season 8” can be watched, and the login member account is the same as that of Cloud Audio-Visual Aurora TV members. All in all, you can watch most of what you want to watch without borrowing any source device.

Is written in the last

Generally speaking, after a period of practical use, Zhai Xiaomi is very satisfied with this innovative Nebula P2 intelligent projector in cooperation with Tencent Aurora. Whether you put it at home to build a private viewing room, or take it with you as a mobile home theater for an outing, or as a work and entertainment product to showcase PPT in the mobile office, these are ways that are very consistent with the values of life, work and entertainment of contemporary young people.


In addition, its red-dot award-winning design, on the one hand, accords with the decorative style of modern home, showing the quality of life at home; on the other hand, the good appearance is also a good portable item. Coupled with the satisfactory projection effect, the compatibility of projection in the face of white wall at any time, as well as the huge built-in content support and intelligent and diverse interaction modes, the Nebula P2 intelligent projector has the potential to become a modern life explosive. If you are a person who pursues the quality of life, you might as well consider the recommendation of the secretary of the house! You can’t be wrong!

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