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Motorcycle Tracker: What Is It and What Is It for?

What is a motorcycle tracker?

Motorcycle trackers are similar to trackers used in cars and trucks. They are geolocation devices that indicate, practically in real-time, the location of the motorcycle and provide other information, such as speed variation, mileage, battery status, number of departures and the best routes to follow.

One of the main differences is that the space for installation on motorcycles is reduced. The device is usually installed in a discreet location, such as under the seat or tank. Two issues must be taken into consideration: This space must have access to the whip and cannot swing too much.

There are two ways to install a tracker on a motorcycle: on the post-key circuit or automatic drive.

When the installation is in the post key circuit, the tracking devices starts after the driver starts. That is: it is the ignition, and not the movement, that triggers the device. This type of installation preserves more the battery of the tracker and is more common on larger motorcycles (over 250 ccs). This model also allows faster updates of the vehicle”s location.

When the installation is by an automatic circuit, the tracker starts to work when the motorcycle moves, even if it is switched off. This way is less precise because any movement in the vehicle can give the impression that the motorcycle is moving.

How does it work?

Just like larger vehicle trackers, the motorcycle tracker works via GPS. This means that the devices exchange information with satellites that can calculate, with the precision of meters, the location of the motorcycle. In the motorcycle tracking devices, this data flow happens through a 2G network that works thanks to a telephone chip inside the tracker.

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What are the advantages of a motorcycle tracker?

The main advantages of a motorcycle tracker are security and efficiency.

Motorcycles are much lighter vehicles. Therefore, they are more practical to move in the chaotic traffic of cities. But this lightness also makes them easier to steal… In such cases, a tracker that reports the motorcycle’s exact location can help the owner recover it.

Trackers provide information – and well-used information generates efficiency and savings. Information about speed, location, number of stops, fuel expenditure and routes is essential to plan deliveries and routes well – and provide better services.

How much does a bike tracker cost? Which is the best?

There are several motorcycle trackers available on the market. Prices – quality – vary. Therefore, you need to choose the product well. It is important to know, for example, if the device is homologated by Anatel, the National Telecommunication Agency. It is also good to know if the tracker is waterproof and how the internal battery works.

The best option is to look for logistics companies that offer vehicle tracking services. Motorcycle tracking service comes with insurance and quality is recognized. Through the Panel, the motorcycle owner has access to information such as location, speed, best routes and other data that help in vehicle maintenance.

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