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LG brings Sci-fi to reality with Jaw-dropping folding screen tech

LG is getting ready to revolutionize how we think – and use – mobile screen technology.

According to media sources, the South Korean tech goliath has recently commenced testing of its latest stunning development – the crystal folding screen.

Its original product utilized a folding book design, a concept both easy to understand and imagine.

The left half part of the screen is a crystal TouchPad, which can recognize interactive inputs and gestures on both the front and back. However, the functionality of the right half are still being reviewed.

According to LG’s own display road map, 2017 is the year when sci-fi collides with reality. The much-anticipated crystal folding screen holds incredible potential:

● ​Generate innovative usage scenarios

● ​Deliver extra functionality to mobile users

●​ Attract more converts to the latest technology trends


By taking the bold lead into a new field, ripe with possibility, LG can hopefully reinvigorate the industry. The cell phone screen, so often neglected, may well be the next major innovation that cell phone giants will compete on.


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