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iPhone11 Review: although it is not “Pro” it does not prevent it from becoming the flagship

Apple has also had to pick up its pace in recent years in the face of the covetous Android camp. Many small details and function points criticized by iPhone regular users have been improved or upgraded in this generation of products. Cook is really a shrewd businessman. As the protagonist of the event, the iPhone 11 flagship, iPhone 11, is naturally the focus of the audience, and what I want to talk about here today is this somewhat undervalued flagship. Its predecessor, iPhone XR, was born to compete with the mid-and high-end flagships of the Android camp. Although consumers complain about the big black edge and single photo, the repeated decline in the price has made it the “most fragrant” Apple product this year.

From a naming point of view, iPhone 11 removes the letter suffix and names it directly with a number, indirectly indicating that the former subflagship is now “righted”. The birth of Pro series iPhone also confirmed the strategy of iPhone dual product line, and came together with iPad and Mac series. Higher status means more privileges and capabilities, iPhone 11 did not let us down this time: ultra-wide-angle dual photography, A13 bionic chip, support for 18W fast charging (although the charging head needs to be purchased separately), and finally added the price from 5499 yuan, I believe it made a lot of people shout the word “really fragrant”. What other improvements are there for iPhone 11, how to use it, and whether it is worth buying? let me tell you slowly.

Don”t worry about the black edge, all you have to do is pick a color

“How long has it been since the appearance of the iPhone?” Every time I see such a problem, as a regular user, I can’t help but be lost in thought. Apple’s ability in industrial design is obvious to all. The ID design of iPhone 4 has swept the world and has been imitated by numerous manufacturers and brands. Since the era of iPhone 6, the form of iPhone seems to have reached a relatively “stable” stage. Since then, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 are just “minor fixes” on the previous generation.

After the emergence of iPhone X, did not break this situation, bangs comprehensive screen design is “sewing and mending for another three years.” Compared with the radical steps of the Android camp, Apple still seems a little conservative. They still take a wait-and-see attitude towards technologies that they consider immature. The front of iPhone 11 is still the familiar bang full screen, which Apple thinks is the most reasonable solution at a time when Face ID is still iterating. As for the question of the frame, I can only say that the goods are paid for every penny, and the requirements are not too harsh.

Although the frame has not reached the extreme, this screen is still excellent in terms of quality. The iPhone 11 features a 6.1-inch LCD screen consistent with the iPhone XR, with a resolution of 1792 x 828 pixels and a PPI of 326. After reaching the standard line of Apple’s “Retina”, there is no problem with its use at all. If you don’t carefully compare it with the 2K screen, you won’t see any difference in daily use. This Liquid retina LCD screen is not top-notch but absolutely brilliant. In particular, the original color display function, compared with the traditional night mode, in the use of the feeling is much better.

Is actually more “acceptable” than the iPhone 11 iPhone 11 in terms of appearance, yes, I’m talking about the camera module on the back. In fact, as early as the exposure stage of the new machine, everyone has probably confirmed the design style of the iPhone 11 series, that is: the design is a functional concession. Such compromises have occurred many times in Apple in recent years. Maybe it’s because the Android camp is getting tighter and tighter, or maybe it’s because of the escalating needs of users. The priority between design and function is obviously a difficult choice.

Fortunately, iPhone 11 only uses dual cameras, so the arrangement is a little more “low-key” than that of the 11roomnbspith Pro series. The vertical double shot, together with the flash, is placed in the rounded rectangular area in the upper left corner. I don’t know if Apple wants to make the lens area more prominent, or for some other reason, but there is no denying that the recognition has improved a lot. Compared to the sharpness of the iPhone 11’s nbspterPro series, the 11’s back lens area is a bit more rounded. The whole glass backplane is designed as a whole, the slightly raised area is not spliced, but polished, and Apple’s craftsmanship is as high as ever.

Although the back is only ordinary glass, and does not use the frosted texture on the Pro, but it is still good in the feel. But if you are a sweaty star like the editor, it’s better to wear a protective shell. The area of the camera module is frosted and separated from the camera area of the backplane glass of the same material. Maybe Apple is also reminding us not to touch the camera too often. Another interesting point about

Is the downward movement of Apple’s Logo. Although Cook did not specify the reason at the press conference, it is speculated that there may be two reasons. The first is that the camera module is enlarged, forcing the wireless charging ring to move down, and the Logo is translated together; the second is that Apple feels that the lens module above the body is too large, and that if the Logo is located in the upper-middle area, it may appear “top-heavy”. Of course, these are just guesses, and the real reason lies in whether Apple is willing to reveal the secret to us. The frame of

IPhone 11 is still treated with a frosted texture, and the hand sweat star people like it again. Apple is very skilled in metal sandblasting, and the frame of iPhone 11 always gives me a feeling between delicate and rough, which is very comfortable to feel. Of course, if you want to feel this wonderful feeling all the time, you’ll have to run naked. The official Apple Care+ may need to arrange it.

Like iPhone XR, iPhone 11 takes a brisk route, offering a total of six colors. In addition to the red and yellow that have appeared on iPhone XR, the new green and purple will be the first choice for many people to change phones. Whether you simply like these two colors, or hope that people can recognize this new phone at a glance, Apple’s marketing strategy has been successful. Compared with the profound calmness of the Pro series, the editor feels that the colorful 11 series should be loved by a large number of young users.

Hardware is absolutely strong, and your requirements can meet

In fact, the hardware and performance of iPhone has not been the point that everyone is most concerned about. Because of the advantages of iOS’s underlying mechanism and combination of software and hardware, even if the parameters are not as scary as Android’s flagship, the performance is absolutely fine. This time the iPhone 11 series comes standard with the A13 processor and 4GB running memory, which means you can experience the hardware performance of the top Pro version at less price.

Judging from the running score of an Rabbit, iPhone 11 scored 457309, which is now the top flagship level. According to Apple, the A13 bionic chip is a very powerful upgrade. “it has the best machine learning performance in the history of smartphones,” Apple said. The A13 bionic chip integrates 8.5 billion transistors and uses a more advanced 7nm process. In fact, for iPhone users, we are really not very care these hard parameters, after all, iPhone in the performance has never let us down. 

In terms of CPU, A13 has two high-performance cores, a 20% increase in speed, a 30% reduction in power consumption, 4 performance cores, a 20% increase in speed, a 40% reduction in power consumption, and two new machine learning accelerators. The CPU can perform 1 trillion operations per second; the GPU is a quad-core design with a 20% increase in speed and a 40% reduction in power consumption; and the performance of the eight-core neural engine is improved by 20% and the power consumption is reduced by 15%. These performance improvements provide a strong guarantee for applications such as dual photography, Face ID, augmented reality and so on.

Apple has always kept a low profile on the hardware parameters of the iPhone. Except for the improvement in the processor, most of the data of other hardware can only be obtained by dismantling the machine. However, Apple pointed out that due to the improved energy efficiency of the A13, the battery life of the iPhone 11 is one hour longer than that of the iPhone XR. The improvement in this aspect may be more attractive to users.

Photos are greatly upgraded to see more and more clearly

When it comes to taking pictures, the Android camp continues to use new technologies, including three shots and four shots, the AI algorithm, and super night scenes, and several serial moves have made iPhone lose its former “benchmark” status. This year, with a big wave of Apple’s hand, Apple finally added a shot to each of the two models, and the night scene and ultra-wide-angle food were served at once, and old iPhone users said it was “New year’s Day” one after another. The

IPhone 11 comes with a wide-angle lens of 12 million pixels and an ultra-wide-angle lens of 12 million pixels. The wide-angle lens uses Focus Pixels technology, which can increase the autofocus speed by up to three times in the low light environment. On the other hand, another ultra-wide-angle lens can bring four times the view range, and you don’t have to step back when shooting a big scene in the future. You don’t have to wait for a long time to get to today. The

Camera with the iOS 13core iPhone 11 brings a lot of new enhancements in terms of functionality and interaction. First of all, there is a real-time preview of the ultra-wide-angle picture. On the photo page, you can see that there is an ordinary 1-fold picture in the viewfinder, while the original black edge shows 0.5 times the ultra-wide-angle picture by default. When you adjust the picture manually, the screen will switch continuously and smoothly between wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle, an experience that can be described as never before. Although

Has multiple cameras, the information obtained in terms of light, focus, white balance and so on is also different due to different positions. When you switch to ultra-wide-angle mode, it often occurs that you need to refocus or the white balance is inconsistent. Apple can confidently put the ultra-wide angle as a preview directly in the viewfinder frame, obviously overcoming this problem. It is reported that through the algorithm, Apple allows the two lenses to share the information of focus, depth of field and white balance with each other, and realizes the seamless switching of wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle through the powerful performance of the A13 chip.

See here Xiaobian can not sigh, the apple is still the same apple. Although ultra-wide-angle photos come a little late, Apple can always find small Bug, that affect the user experience and solve it quietly, and have to admire Apple’s strength in the combination of software and hardware. But if you are using iOS 13 for the first time, you will be a little confused. This time, Apple has put the familiar parameters such as filter, exposure time, photo scale and other options in the secondary menu, which needs to be opened by sliding the viewfinder up by hand, and the novice needs to adapt. Another very useful and interesting feature of

Is that when you press the shutter long under the photo interface, you can open the recording video, and then slide to the right to lock it for video recording. This is obviously more convenient for those users who need to record the scenery around them and record video material at any time. I don’t know if I have taken a fancy to short video social networking, which is very popular all over the world. IPhone may add more video shooting functions in the future, and maybe it can be shared to Douyin with one click.


Ordinary mode

In terms of actual experience, the improvement of picture content and shock feeling brought by ultra-wide angle is very obvious. In the viewfinder, you can turn on the ultra-wide-angle mode by clicking “1X” below. After feeling a wide field of vision in an instant, you can also find that Apple is also quite good at controlling the distortion at the edge of the wide-angle lens.

Ultra wide Angle Mode

Although Apple did not focus on the analysis at the press conference, the edge distortion caused by the ultra wide angle lens has always been a big problem. From the sample, we can see that although the wide-angle lens of iPhone 11 has stretch marks, there is no deformation at the edge. In fact, if the wide-angle lens is used properly, it can achieve very excellent results, such as shooting long legs.

Ultra-wide-angle mode

Ultra-wide-angle mode is the most magical for shooting architecture, especially those angular, linear high-rise buildings, can let it exude a different kind of charm. Another upgrade found by the editor in the photo shoot is the improvement of the dynamic range and algorithm of iPhone 11 in the backlight scene.

Ultra wide Angle + backlight

In the face of backlit scenes, the picture of iPhone 11 will not be pitch black or overexposed. The highlights are well suppressed, and the dark details are not lost. It seems that the strong combination of double photography + A13, the improvement is still very obvious.

Normal mode

Ultra-wide-angle mode

Turns off and turns on ultra-wide-angle mode in the same scene as shown in the figure. In fact, composition is very important for photography. There is no doubt that the ultra-wide-angle model provides more space for later re-creation, especially when many people take photos and travel, the practicality and happiness are improved obviously.

Next, let’s go indoors. The building of the shooting site uses a transparent roof. Coupled with the indoor light source, the environment is very complex. In this case, iPhone 11 still maintains a good white balance, with excellent control of the lights, distant ceilings and highlights. And the dark part of the floor, railing details are also very clear.

Portrait Mode

The familiar portrait mode, due to the addition of double photography, iPhone 11 can also shoot objects other than faces. In essence, the portrait pattern is an algorithm through character recognition, matting, and then virtual background. From the sample sheet, the iPhone 11 has reached a good level in terms of object recognition and edge matting. 

The new intelligent HDR function of  is one of the key upgrades of iPhone 11. To put it simply, the A13 chip can identify the characters in the picture through machine learning, and then distinguish them from the background. Even if behind you is the afterglow of the sunset or a dark night, there will be no “bad cop”. I wonder if it can be understood as the “beauty” in Apple’s heart.

This time, a new “high-profile monochromatic light effect” has been added to the portrait light effect list, which can simulate monochromatic photos with full studio style. Although many image editing software can also apply relevant filters, the powerful later stage of iPhone 11 and the effects that can be changed at any time are much more powerful than those “disposable” Meitu filters.

In addition to ultra-wide angle, night view mode is also an important upgrade point for iPhone 11. IPhone 11’s night mode automatically turns on when insufficient light is detected, while the long exposure time system automatically calculates and adjusts it. All you have to do is press the shutter and keep the phone stable. Through long exposure to take multiple photos, the system will correct the picture shaking, cut the blurred part, adjust the contrast, adjust the color, and finally remove the noise to enhance the details to generate the final image.

In use, I found that the night scene mode of iPhone 11 pursues “the beauty of natural night”. In short, it will not increase the brightness of the picture too much, but guess the objects you need to shoot clearly, and then optimize and brighten the picture in a targeted way.

Normal mode

Night scene mode

By comparison, we can see that the road signs and buildings in the picture have improved in brightness and detail. On the other hand, the sky keeps a slightly dim effect as much as possible, and the overall perception is more real.

Normal mode

Night scene mode

While in extreme scenes, a long exposure of up to 4 seconds can greatly increase the brightness of the picture and restore the details of the building itself. This kind of night scene mode is obviously more practical and effective than the flash. IPhone 11’s improvement in photography has also been recognized by well-known American photographer Austin Mann. As a photographer who “prefers to use iPhone rather than camera”, Austin emphasized his love for iPhone 11 series ultra-wide angle and night mode in the interview. As a professional photographer, he believes that these functions break the boundaries of mobile photography and provide more creative space for more ordinary users.

A few small details, it’s better to know that

Apple’s product is designed to optimize your experience before you know it, and so is iPhone 11. Although Apple did not mention detailed battery information, foreign machine breakers still revealed the battery capacity of iPhone 11: 3110mAh. With the much-anticipated 18W fast charge, “Wufu Yian” has finally retired from the stage of history (although the charging head of iPhone 11 needs to be purchased on its own). 

Another pity is that the iPhone 11 series cut off the 3D Touch function released on 6s and replaced it with “long press + vibration feedback”. 3D Touch has not existed for many years, and the related application adaptation has failed to arouse the interest of third-party developers. Although it was hailed as the “third interaction besides sliding click” at the beginning of its release, some of the “chicken rib” experience eventually led Apple to give it up. Maybe 3D Touch is more suitable for small screen devices like the Apple Watch.

Finally, the critical moment of “life-saving” improvement, iPhone 11 support IP68 level of dustproof and waterproof (up to 2 meters underwater stay time up to 30 minutes). Of course, this standard does not allow you to go swimming with your phone, but to provide an extra layer of passive protection for your phone. If the phone is flooded by human circumstances, Apple will not guarantee it. In addition, dual-card dual-standby, can connect two pairs of AirPods, Dolby panoramic sound, spatial audio and other small function points, will not be repeated here. In short, one thing you need to know is that you have thought of all the apples you think of, so don’t worry about using them boldly.

It’s not Pro, but it’s definitely good

As a fellow brother, iPhone 11 is undoubtedly more popular, but iPhone 11 is by no means a “companion” product. IPhone 11 has the same excellent appearance, Apple’s well-tuned screen, excellent dual camera system, more powerful A13 bionic chip, and the smooth experience of the iOS system. If this is not enough for you, then think about the price from 5499. Do you want to say “really fragrant” from the bottom of your heart?

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