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In the second year of the 5G era, how does Unicom rely on the 5G super SIM card to make a better move?

Some people may want to ask, what is the competitive pressure in the operator market? Naturally, we should talk about it from several aspects. First of all, 5G is coming much faster than expected. for operators, the investment in network construction in 4G era is not fully rewarded, and the economic pressure is self-evident. In addition, although the tariff standard of 5G package has been announced, more consumers say that the price is still slightly higher, so the next fee reduction is also a major source of pressure. The last layer of pressure comes from carrying numbers to the network, which is an unprecedented test for the service quality of operators, because when users can change operators with mobile phone numbers without any restrictions, only high-quality service can better ensure the retention of users.

The first step taken by China Unicom

Throughout the world, after users are allowed to switch to the network with their numbers in any country, operators will successively introduce some welfare policies, or preferential packages, or innovative services, and so on. In short, they will rely on their own skills to improve their own service quality. to ensure the retention of users. In China, after the official launch of the number transfer network, it seems that the corresponding situation did not appear in a short period of time. However, on the eve of 2020, China Unicom finally took the first step.

On December 23, Guangdong Unicom and Ziguang announced that the “5G Super SIM Card” had been officially put into commercial use. This step marks that the competition of operators in the 5G era has officially entered the era of spelling services.

This is also a step in China Unicom”s efforts to adjust to give play to its own advantages and highlight its competitiveness since the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued 5G commercial licenses to the three major operators. Prior to this, the three major operators have made public their corresponding strategies for the 5G package, and so far, apart from the further deployment of China Unicom through the 5G super SIM card, the other two operators have not seen any related actions.

What does 5G Super SIM Card bring to operators?

Now that China Unicom has taken this step, what on earth does 5G super SIM card bring to China Unicom?

Through the interview, the author learned that it has the following advantages:

1. Improve user viscosity

5G super SIM card is undoubtedly an innovation made by operators on the SIM card. This innovation first brings a new service experience, which will further enhance the user viscosity.

In the past, the function of SIM card is single, so it is difficult for operators to ensure the viscosity of users through a number card. The 5G super SIM card is different from the traditional SIM card, it has a large internal storage space, users can rest assured to store their personal data on the SIM card. After this operation, when the user needs to change the phone, there is no need to spend extra time and energy to migrate the mobile phone data, as long as the super SIM card is replaced on the new mobile phone, the data in the card can be read, which is convenient and practical.

The function of storage and one-click replacement will attract users to store more and more data on the card, and the super SIM card will no longer be a simple card, but will gradually evolve into the user data itself, in other words, the super SIM card will gradually become the user’s private data center, making users more and more dependent on this card, as a result, the user viscosity of operators will be steadily improved.

2. Promote the ecological layout with operators as the core

In the 5G era, from the perspective of operators, in addition to simple 5G networking services, more often it will provide users with a different ecological model. For example, the ecology of smart home, such as the ecology of smart terminal. However, due to the current regulations requiring operators to no longer pre-install a lot of APP, in smartphones, this makes the ecological layout and promotion into a stalemate.

The emergence of 5G super SIM card has changed the existing dilemma to some extent. As the 5G super SIM card itself has a huge storage space, operators can preset some ecological APP and other ecological SIM cards that need to be promoted in advance when issuing the card. In this way, it undoubtedly provides a more convenient channel for ecological construction with operators as the core. From the user’s point of view, it is also easier to access more innovative ecological services, why not?

In addition, in addition to the application for ordinary users, 5G super SIM card also has the effect of adding value to the service of operators in the development of ecology and business. For example, on the side of administrative intelligent terminals such as Police Communications, many ecological applications are preset in the card in advance. Once there is a problem with the terminal, it can be replaced at any time, but the information is not lost, and at the same time, it will not affect the efficiency of administrative staff.

3.Improve the service quality of operators in an all-round way

It seems to be an empty sentence to improve the service quality of operators in an all-round way, but in fact it is not. The author also mentioned earlier that when users turn on the network with their numbers, the overall competition mechanism and competition environment of operators will face completely different development. But in the end, the core is to strive for more users with the quality of service. Then how to reflect the quality of service?

Prior to this, in the global development process of gradually entering the portable number transfer network, more and more overseas operators have adopted a variety of competition methods in the process of service competition, such as price war, from simple tariff reduction to additional welfare policies. In order to get more users, operators really go to great lengths to enhance the status of their own services in the minds of users.

Shift the line of sight to the territory of our country, after our operators turn on the network with the number, in the short term, they have not begun to launch discount packages and so on in a large scale like the conventional international development. When the three major operators are relatively cautious, they are more likely to start with technological innovation to promote the upgrading of service quality of operators. Bring more value to the users to gain the trust of the users to the operators themselves.

5G super SIM card is the first step taken by China Unicom with technological innovation and upgrading services. With this product with richer and more convenient functions and solving the pain points of users, it is believed that more users will be more willing to try, get used to and choose this new mode of using the machine, so as to better enter the new era of 5G.


Entering 2020, the 5G era has officially entered the second year. With the brand-new requirements put forward by new business type for operators, such as 5G, network transfer with numbers, speed up and fee reduction, operators should also begin to change their original inherent thinking in the following competition. to carry out a new mode of competition, than innovation, than service, through more high-quality service to ensure the retention of users, this is naturally the main task to enter the second year of the 5G era. China Unicom has undoubtedly taken a good step forward by taking the lead in commercial 5G super SIM cards. Next, we will see how the other two operators will respond to this new competitive format and what measures will be introduced. We’ll see!

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