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Huawei band 4 Pro review: what makes it pro?


There are so many sports bracelets on the market that they are more or less the same in appearance and converge in function, so they don”t seem to be any different from each other. So since it is Huawei’s newly released bracelet, which is also named “Huawei band 4 Pro“, where on earth is this smart bracelet “Pro”?

As the newest member of Huawei sports bracelet family, Huawei bracelet 4 Pro is simple in design, light and small in size, and will not bring additional burden to the wrist to wear for a long time. Functionally, it not only carries Huawei’s self-developed TruSeen heart rate monitoring technology, making health monitoring more comprehensive and accurate, with Huawei sports health App, but also presents all your health exercise data in front of you. It also adds many novel functions, such as NFC, playing music, remote control photography and so on.

 Huawei band 4 Pro review: more pro design

Regardless of which category of consumer groups, “appearance is justice” is a general rule, so how to meet health, sports, intelligence, while taking into account the feeling of comfort and fashion? In my opinion, Huawei bracelet 4 Pro gives its own answer.


HUAWEI Band 4 Pro is equipped with 0.95 inch AMOLED HD color screen on the front, which has a clear and exquisite display effect both outdoors and indoors, but since it is equipped with an AMOLED screen that is very expressive to color, it is natural to maximize its value. Huawei Sports Health App, which is used with the bracelet, provides more than 100 kinds of exquisite dial with different styles. With the AMOLED screen, it has a very full color effect, making your bracelet a unique color on your wrist.


On the watch band, Huawei band 4 Pro chose the skin-friendly silicone material to make it more comfortable, but to my surprise, for people like me who are prone to sweating, there is no obvious greasy feeling in wearing it for a long time. The bracelet has three colors: cherry pink gold, sapphire black and honey red. It not only has a good appearance but also matches clothes very well. The color of this bracelet in my hand is accolade black, and the integrated black looks very strong, but as far as my personal preference is concerned, I may prefer cherry pink gold, probably because I have a girl’s heart.


It is worth noting that Honey Red is a special nova model. Unlike the other two color matches, the watch band features the exclusive Nova Star logo, which uses the same color as the nova phone in appearance and carries an exclusive dial with the same theme as the nova phone.

Huawei band 4 Pro review: more Pro GPS positioning function

Huawei band 4 Pro has a beautiful appearance, how can it be less smart inside the “core”? The bracelet has a built-in independent GPS chip that allows you to record your outdoor movements without a phone connection. As a result, you can get rid of the shackles of your mobile phone, whether it’s running outdoors or swimming in open waters, you only need to wear a bracelet to record your tracks and exercise more easily and freely.

From the perspective of the bracelet industry, there are only a handful of bracelet products that support independent GPS functions. While Huawei bracelet 4 Pro self-positioning, self-recording, the function is more concentrated, exercise is also more convenient. So at this time, the question is, how accurate is the positioning of Huawei bracelet 4 Pro? For comparison, I chose another bracelet that does not support independent GPS to see the difference between the two.

Left: Huawei band 4 Pro right: other bracelets

Take the distance of my return to Shaoyaoju Beili District as an example, and turn on the outdoor hiking function at the same time. At first glance, there seems to be no obvious difference between the two, but it is worth noting that there is a significant change in the trajectory near the end. You can clearly see that the Huawei bracelet 4 Pro shows my track in the community very well; by contrast, the track of the other bracelet is much simpler, not even showing the last track near the end, and there is a difference in distance between the two. The

Huawei bracelet 4 Pro does achieve higher positioning accuracy by relying on its own independent GPS positioning. In addition, an independent GPS chip is installed in the limited body of the bracelet, resulting in no significant change in body thickness and weight, which is evident in industrial design capability. As for the issue of power consumption, from my experience in the past few days, the battery life of the bracelet has not been significantly reduced due to the addition of the GPS chip.

More Pro’s exercise and health monitoring function

Since it is a new member of Huawei’s sports bracelet series, Huawei bracelet 4 Pro naturally has quite a full range of exercise modes. This bracelet supports 11 sports modes, including outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, indoor walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, elliptical machine, rowing machine, swimming pool swimming, open water swimming, free training, etc. At the same time, it will also display the heart rate, pace, trajectory, stroke times and other exercise data in real-time on Huawei Sports Health App, providing accurate exercise monitoring and analysis.

For example, the “outdoor walking” mode I opened above, in addition to providing the movement track, there are also average step frequency, heat, exercise time, step number, average stride, and other data, which is enough to let you know the state of exercise at that time. It is worth noting that Huawei bracelet 4 Pro supports real-time heart rate display, which allows you to know your heart rate in real-time while walking, running and cycling. So the question is, what’s the point of knowing your real-time heart rate?


Huawei band 4 Pro can judge your exercise state based on your current heart rate, and the final results will be fed back to the “heart rate range” column. Take my walking exercise as an example, the “heart rate range” allows me to see clearly how much of the 23-minute and 53-second walking time has achieved the fat-burning effect, which can be used to control the exercise intensity and make your exercise more accurate and efficient. Adjust the exercise state to achieve more effective exercise. But for a fat house like me, it’s too real to burn fat for less than 1 minute.

Where is the Pro for health surveillance? 

Huawei band 4Pro supports a variety of health data tests, including arrhythmia screening, extrasystole screening, oxygen saturation monitoring, and sleep monitoring. Based on the high-performance heart rate sensor of the bracelet, Huawei bracelet 4 Pro supports the heart health research program of the 301 Hospital of the famous Class III Hospital in China, which can accurately screen for arrhythmias, and the accuracy of screening for atrial fibrillation is as high as 97.8%. At the same time, it can accurately judge the beat waveform and realize 24-hour extrasystole screening; at the same time, it can support the monitoring of heart rate, pressure and blood oxygen saturation, and the blood oxygen concentration can be monitored anytime and anywhere. To ensure that the wearer knows their own health status in real time, the whole process is more convenient and more professional. In addition, support scientific sleep detection and monitoring function, monitor users’ sleep structure and status throughout the night, but also monitor six major sleep problems, and give scientific and effective sleep advice to improve sleep quality.

HUAWEI Band 4 review: more Pro’s Intelligent Life function

In addition to the upgrading of exercise and health, it is also more comprehensive in terms of intelligent lifestyle. Huawei band 4 Pro supports NFC bus card, access card, Alipay and so on. Among them, the bus card function can support the opening of the national 250 + city bus and subway card, turn the wrist bracelet into an all-in-one card on the wrist, and pay for the bus trip; support the copy of most residential access keys, garages, elevators and other door locks to swipe the card, and the entry and exit access control will be opened immediately, making daily travel more intelligent and convenient. Imagine that when you have all kinds of luggage in hand, or the weather is too cold to take out your mobile phone, you only need to put the bracelet on the gate or code sweep gun to swipe your card and pay, saving time and bringing a convenient and intelligent double experience.

Among the other functions of Huawei band 4 Pro, I was impressed by the functions of Bluetooth music playback and remote control photography.

Bluetooth music playback

Huawei band 4 Pro supports Bluetooth music playback function, which allows users to cut songs and control music playback directly through the bracelet when connected. It is easy to use whether you are exercising or wearing it every day, eliminating the trouble of taking out your phone and cutting songs by wire control through headphones. From my actual experience, the control delay is low, and when you cut songs on the bracelet, the phone can basically complete the corresponding operation at the same time. It is worth noting that before using this feature, you need to turn on the message notification on Huawei’s Health campaign App- device.

Remote control photography

As for remote control photography, this is a very convenient function. When you plan to take a picture with someone, it is troublesome to either set up regular photos in advance or ask for help, and this bracelet provides a very convenient solution. In the Bluetooth connection state, turn on the camera function on the mobile phone, a camera icon will appear on the bracelet, press the icon to complete the photo, and like the Bluetooth music playback function, the delay is very low, basically completed at the same time. One thing to note, however, is that when you take a picture through the control of the bracelet, a short animation will appear to tell you that the photo has been taken. But in fact, the photo is done when you press the shutter on the bracelet.


From the “Pro” functions brought by Huawei band 4 Pro, such as independent GPS chips, more professional movement monitoring and guidance, more comprehensive health management and protection, and joint nova cooperation, etc., it is not difficult to see that Huawei is exploring and promoting innovation in sports health functions with strong technological innovation genes, forming its own leading competitiveness in an all-round way.

In addition, the addition of multi-functional NFC, as well as functions such as music control, mobile phone search, important information reminders and offline payment on Alipay, make it not only a bracelet but also a part of our daily life, making our sports and health experience more comfortable and Pro. I think this is what Huawei band 4 Pro really expects to bring.

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