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Functions of GPS tracker

I. Functions of GPS tracker.

GPS locator has a wide range of uses, can be used for children trackingthe elderly tracking or pets tracking, precious goods tracking, personal property tracking, logistics and freight industry, car anti-theft, electric motorcycle anti-theft, bank armored vehicles, business vehicle management, financial car loan risk control management and so on. The effect is different in different scenes, but it is generally the same, that is remote positioning. This paper takes the vehicle-mounted GPS tracking as the main explanation.

Description of the usage of vehicle-mounted GPS locator.

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II. Installations of GPS tracker.

In order to play a positioning role, the GPS tracker needs to meet the following three conditions:

1, a GPS locator equipment, installed in the car where the signal is good;

2. A couplet card or mobile phone card, the locator obtains the location information through the GPRS in the couplet card or mobile phone card, so this card is essential.

3. Log in to the relevant platform or install the mobile phone car search APP to make GPS tracker query. Note: after the tracking obtains the location, it needs to be converted through the background and then displayed on the app in the form of a map.

III. Main features of GPS tracker.

1) Positioning function: immediate positioning, timing positioning.

2) Driving track query: playback and view of the historical driving track of the vehicle, the direction, speed, mileage, longitude, latitude, geographical location of the vehicle at a certain location, etc.

3) Alarm function: emergency alarm, displacement alarm, overspeed alarm, cross-zone alarm, low electricity alarm, anti-theft alarm.

4) Electronic fence: the central manager can set the driving area of the terminal, and when the terminal exceeds the preset restricted area, it will automatically send an alarm message to the monitoring platform and a short message of cross-zone alarm to the supervising mobile phone.

5) Remote monitoring: the GPS locator with the function of monitoring and recording can set a monitoring number, and when the number dials the terminal, the terminal will automatically answer, thus playing the monitoring effect.

6) Mileage statistics: statistics of the total mileage of vehicles.

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