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DJI OSMO Mobile 3 using experience: can also be used to photograph Vlog


Is not as difficult to use as imagined? When he first got the OSMO Mobile 3 in

The house secretary looked confused, because he had never been exposed to such products before, and in taking pictures, the house secretary”s more than 20 years of life was limited to turning on the cell phone camera, then clicking on to take pictures, or picking up the camera, setting it to automatic mode, pressing the shutter button, and the final imaging effect, I could only say, “do your best, listen to your destiny.”

So when I learned that one day I would evaluate a mobile phone head, the first thought in my mind was to open a browser to search for relevant information, but …. At that time, there was no relevant information on the Internet, so I had to explore and experience it slowly. How does the


Feel in practice? The feeling of OSMO Mobile 3 is that shooting doesn’t seem to be as difficult as I thought.

As the saying goes, “I haven’t eaten pork and I haven’t seen a pig run yet.” although I don’t know much about products such as mobile phones, I still have a certain concept and understanding of them in this industry after all. However, OSMO Mobile 3 has broken my perception of this kind of product in some ways.


First broke my understanding of weight. In the impression of the house, the handheld head is big and bulky. Even after years of development, the size and weight have been reduced, but it has changed from reluctantly acceptable to acceptable. When the house secret got the OSMO Mobile 3, this weight, really fragrant.


According to official data, OSMO Mobile 3 weighs only 405g, and thanks to ergonomic design, a 15-degree tilt angle is carefully designed on OSMO Mobile 3, which does not put much pressure on the arm even if it is held for a long time. This product is also designed to reserve enough space for headphone cords and charging cords to make mobile phone charging and headphone connections more user-friendly.


Is followed by the simple, fast and convenient folding function of, OSMO Mobile 3. The brand-new folding design can be completely folded at one time, and the body is equivalent to a can of Coke after folding. At the same time, after shutting down the head, OSMO Mobile 3 will first put the phone screen up into standby, making it easier to use.


Is a novice like Zhaoxiaobi, who wants to be easy to understand in terms of functions and keystrokes when they are used for the first time. The OSMO Mobile 3 console is sequentially equipped with rocker keys, M keys and camera buttons. The zoom button is placed on the left side of the console, and there is a mode switch button on the opposite side of the console, which is responsible for switching between different head modes.


Does not have a high threshold for getting started with, OSMO Mobile 3 in terms of body weight, button design and holding experience. Novice users like House Secret can get started quickly. When shooting Vlog, they won’t feel tired when holding it for a long time, and his creative desire is also satisfied in this process. All in all, I am very satisfied with, OSMO Mobile 3 for the first time.

Zero Foundation can also shoot Vlog

Well.As a senior Internet geek, the house secretary has seen a lot of Vlog, in recent years, among which there are many high-quality videos. But my own shooting skills didn’t pass, so I didn’t shoot any decent work for so many years, but I shot a good-looking video in the process of using OSMO Mobile 3.

As a mobile phone head, the most basic function is to eliminate the jitter in mobile phone shooting. The OSMO Mobile 3 three-axis mechanical head uses a high-precision brushless motor to adjust and compensate in real time according to the attitude of the head, eliminating picture jitter and realizing lossless anti-shaking. 

With the advent of the smart era in,whether a product will be valued depends on whether it has a corresponding App. DJI collocates DJI Mimo App, for OSMO Mobile 3. From the effect of the use of the two, it has achieved the effect of the combination of strong and strong. Mimo provides photo, video, time delay photography, slow motion, motion delay, panoramic photography, STORY seven shooting modes, connected to the Samsung S10, a maximum of 8x zoom, Mimo has also become my daily shooting the most used applications.

Can be turned on in Mimo App to combine deep learning with computer vision algorithms, click the mode switch button or make a gesture for the camera first, and the head will follow the target and complete the shooting of many kinds of scenes such as motion, surround and so on.

For beginners, this is a very useful and practical function. In the process of shooting, the head will closely follow the target, and will not lose the target or shoot a very blurred picture because of the movement, combined with the motion mode. So that Xiaobai can also take a beautiful long shot when shooting for the first time.

Button control logic, but also very user-friendly, suitable for first-time users. DJI integrates many functions on the M button. Click to switch between different shooting modes and view the shooting content, and double click to switch between horizontal and vertical beats, so that you can switch between horizontal and vertical beats without dismantling the phone. Vertical tapping is a very friendly feature for anchors and makes OSMO Mobile 3 more practical.

Of course, the most secret function of the house is the STORY mode, which has already been realized on DJI Osmo Pocket, and also appears on OSMO Mobile 3. Its biggest function is to let users like Zhai Xiaomi, just choose a favorite template, the head will move in accordance with the set trajectory, will be able to take a good shot.

And Mimo App has a built-in editor that can provide users with a library of music of various styles and support the import of their favorite songs from streaming services; there are a variety of transition effects and adjustment options. At this point, you can place the video shot in STORY mode for fine editing, and after editing, you can quickly share the work on social and video platforms to share your life.


If you want to use the system’s own camera or third-party software, OSMO Mobile 3, you can also connect your phone through Bluetooth without touching the screen and use the photo button on the handle to control the shutter, making the use of OSMO Mobile 3 richer.


From OSMO pocket, OSMO Action and then to OSMO Mobile 3, you can see that DJI has a very clear positioning for this product, that is, to serve beginner photographers who want to record their lives through their mobile phones. With humanized design and interaction, let this product become a good choice for the consumer market, do not say, I am going to place an order!

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