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Define the new air standard: Philips air purifier AC3858 review

On the other hand, families who have lived for a long time should not be careless. Formaldehyde release cycle is as long as 15 years, there are PM2.5, oil fumes, viruses, allergens and other pollutants accumulated in the home. No matter where you are, indoor air pollution must be vigilant.

Philips, which has been deeply engaged in the field of air purification, has brought a new theory of air purification and redefined new air standards. For families looking forward to a better new life, good air should not make do with it. This time review”s Philips air purifier AC3858, refreshes a new height of air purifier purification efficiency, bringing users far more healthy air than European standards.

According to the official introduction, the Philips air purifier AC3858 can reduce the concentration of formaldehyde to 0.01mg/m ³, which is better than the European standard.[1].The concentration of PM2.5 can be reduced to 10 μ g / m ³, which is better than the European standard.[2].2.5 times, is it really that powerful?

Three purification tests  

Test site: the area is 10 square meters, the height is 2.5 meters, and the doors and windows are closed in the whole process.

Testing equipment and process: formaldehyde concentration and PM2.5 concentration were measured by formaldehyde detector and laser detector respectively, and the curve of concentration with time was obtained; the level of allergen was measured by empty internal sensor.

Formaldehyde purification test

We took an appropriate amount of 38% formaldehyde solution as the source of pollution, put it in the test room and let it volatilize for about 20 minutes, then turned on the strong mode of Philips air purifier AC3858, and recorded the formaldehyde concentration every 1.5 minutes.

From the test data, it can be seen that the initial concentration of indoor formaldehyde is as high as 0.225mg/m ³, while the European standard is 0.1mg/m ³, which is twice as high as the European standard. Generally speaking, newly renovated houses can easily reach this level of pollution.

Change of pollution level before and after purification

After turning on the air purifier for only about 4 minutes, the concentration of formaldehyde has been reduced to the safe range of 0.1mg/m ³. When about 10 minutes, the concentration of formaldehyde will be reduced to 0.005mg/m ³, which is more than 10 times better than the European standard.

PM2.5 purification test

Lighting the tobacco cake produces a large amount of PM2.5 and other particulates. After combustion, turn on the strong mode of Philips air purifier AC3858, and record the PM2.5 concentration every 2.5 minutes.

As can be seen from the chart, the initial concentration of PM2.5 is as high as 488 μ g / m ³, while the European standard is 25 μ g / m ³, which is nearly 20 times higher than the European standard.

Purification process

The air quality level we often talk about refers to the standard value of the 24-hour PM2.5 average. The PM2.5 values of 0mur35, 35mur75, 75mur115, 115, 150, 150 and 250 were good, 75, 115, 150, 250 and 250 respectively.

After only about 10 minutes of purification, the indoor air quality reached excellent grade, and at the 15th minute, the PM2.5 concentration was less than 10 μ g / m ³, 2.5 times better than the European standard.

Allergen purification test

In addition to formaldehyde and PM2.5, allergen is actually one of the air pollutants, common inhalation allergies original ultra-fine fibers, pollen, mites, mold, dust, animal dandruff hair and so on, for people who are sensitive to the respiratory system, allergens can also cause great harm to the human body.

Pillows and plush toys generally hide a lot of mites, dust and hair fibers, which are very common sources of allergen pollution in families. We beat them in the room to release internal allergens.

According to the detection of professional-grade sensors equipped with AeraSense telepathy technology, the initial allergen level in the room has reached level 8.

Purification process

After just 1 minute of purification, Philips air purifier AC3858 has reduced the allergen level to level 1, eliminating the potential risk of allergens.

Summary of purification test.Philips air purifier AC3858 performs very well in formaldehyde, PM2.5 and allergen purification tests. this performance can also protect the health of the whole family in the daily home environment from formaldehyde, PM2.5, allergen and other air pollutants.

Two major technologies to protect the health of the family  

High standard strainer, purify every step with peace of mind

The application of high standard HEPA filter allows Philips air purifier AC3858 to further its purification capacity, compact structure, high filtration efficiency and long service life.

VitaShield micro-shield technology can purify up to 99 kinds of indoor pollutants.[3].Through capture, inactivation and locking three steps to keep formaldehyde in the filter, while filtering out particles as small as 0.003 microns, the removal rate is as high as 99.9%, strangling the health threats posed by all kinds of air pollution in the cradle.

Spiritual perception, the purification effect is clear at a glance

Philips Air Purifier AC3858 is also equipped with Philips’s unique AeraSense smart sensing technology, using air sensors comparable to professional laboratories, monitoring air quality every 0.1s, automatically adjusting purification mode, always at ease.

Digital display and color ring indication

The digital display mode makes the three major pollution source indexes of PM2.5, gaseous pollutants and allergens clear at a glance, and the indoor air condition can be accurately grasped with one click. In addition, Philips’s unique color ring indicator is also retained, through blue, blue-purple, purple, red four different colors to reflect the air conditions at that time, such as blue for good, red for poor, more intuitive.

In addition to viewing the air pollution index, this interface can also achieve three major mode switching (strong, sleep, automatic), view filter life, and so on, the animation effect is very exquisite, full of science and technology.

Under the trend of the Internet of things and intelligent home appliances, interconnection with mobile phones is naturally one of the most important ways. Philips air purifier AC3858 supports “Little Beijing Fish APP”. It can perform timing, switch and other operations on the air purifier and check the air pollution index, even when you are away from home.

Trendy design, like elegant art furnishings  

Philips air purifier AC3858 adopts a new design concept, the details are more attentive, fully integrated into the modern new home style. The atmospheric and round shape is an elegant work of art at home, which is more in line with the aesthetic pursuit of the urban elite.

The front part of the fuselage creatively uses a whole piece of cloth material, abandoning the inherent design thinking and material thinking of traditional household appliances, so that the quality and design sense of the whole machine have been greatly improved. The air purifier is not only an ordinary household appliance. But it is a decoration that can perfectly integrate the household style.

Additional test  

Generally speaking, the changes and breakthroughs in the design of Philips air purifier AC3858 are relatively great. Now the urban elite people like their products are no longer limited to functionality, but should be both practical and aesthetic.

As a kind of household appliances with high frequency of use, consumers are also concerned about the noise and power consumption of the air purifier AC3858. Below, we will test the noise and power consumption performance of Philips Air Purifier AC3858 in strong, sleep and automatic modes.


The ambient noise is 23 decibels.

Philips air purifier AC3858 has obvious noise in strong mode, so it is suitable to be used in the case of bad indoor air. Basically no noise can be heard in sleep mode, so it is very suitable to turn on during sleep. The automatic mode will adjust the purification mode in real time according to the air quality, so it is not noisy and suitable for daily opening.

Power consumption

Philips air purifier AC3858 consumes only 54.56W in strong mode, even if it is turned on at full speed for 24 hours, the electricity charge is only about 1 yuan, so there is no need to worry about air and net power consumption.

Conclusion: enjoy a good new life, good air will not make do with it 

Now more and more urban elite groups begin to pay attention to the quality of life and health, which is a kind of attitude towards life. At the same time, protecting the health of family members requires higher new air standards. Philips air purifier AC3858 is such a guardian who can effectively purify indoor air and protect the health of the whole family.

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