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Classic style updated: Harman Catton Onyx Studio4 Bluetooth Sound review

Nowadays, young people like the simple and comfortable living environment, which is called “frigid wind”, in which Bluetooth speakers not only create a sense of sound atmosphere, but also play a role in embellishing the environment. Multi-angle use of products urges manufacturers to launch products with excellent sound and a sense of design at the same time. Harman Catton Onyx Studio4 (official price: 1699 yuan), which comes to our PConlinereview room today, is the product that appears in this way of thinking.

Appearance appreciation: little change compared with the previous generation  


If you have the impression that the Bluetooth speaker is supposed to be square, even if any adjustments in design elements are based on this framework, then Onyx Studio4 will definitely surprise you in terms of design. The Onyx Studio4 uses a disc design that stands on the desktop through two angled tripods extending from the back of the fuselage. Get rid of the traditional square design, make Onyx Studio4 look more like a soft handicraft, get rid of the cold group impression of Bluetooth speakers.

The net cover of Onyx Studio4 is made of fabric, and the higher density can ensure that the internal horn can reduce the contact with dust and other sundries. The back of the speaker is made of skin-like material, which has advantages in vision and touch and has been affirmed by consumers in the long-term market test. The combination of the two materials makes the overall look and feel of Onyx Studio4 quite good.

In fact, there is an extra passive radiator on the back

In the internal vocal structure, the Onyx Studio4 is equipped with two subwoofers with a diameter of 75mm and two tweeters with a diameter of 20mm. With two passive bass enhancers, structurally we don”t need to worry that the Onyx Studio4 will look the same. In addition, the battery power is 47.5W, and the power supply can provide 415W output power, so we are looking forward to what kind of sound energy Onyx Studio4 can bring when we really make sound. With this kind of power, the battery-powered Onyx Studio4 can still have 8 hours of playback and battery life, which is not bad.

Although the energy sense of a single Onyx Studio4 is surprising, once in a larger home space, the effect is likely to be reduced. In order to solve this problem, Onyx Studio4 is equipped with an upgraded HK Connect function, which supports the interconnection of more than 100 devices of the same model in the wireless range. The interconnection of multiple devices can form a sound space, expand the range of sound transmission, and at the same time make the listeners feel the same sound transmission.

Considering that users have to process voice messages at the same time when using Bluetooth speakers, Onyx Studio4 has a built-in call microphone with integrated noise reduction and echo cancellation technology to provide users with as clear a call experience as possible. If you are using iPhone, you can also use the HK Connect, mentioned above to wake up Siri, directly through the buttons and microphone on the machine body to complete the operation function on iPhone.

In terms of buttons and interfaces, from the top of the back of the fuselage, from left to right, there are switch keys, one-button call, volume addition and subtraction, HK series, and Bluetooth pairing buttons. Below, we can see that from left to right are the micro-USB interface for upgrading firmware, the 3.5mm interface for connecting the playback device, and the power interface. At the same time, we can also find a handle at the back of the fuselage, which makes it easy for users to move the Onyx Studio 4 Bluetooth speakers.

Subjective audition: roaring voice training

Before we move on to the subjective audition, we still need to test the connection of Onyx Studio 4. Due to the adoption of the Bluetooth 4.2 specification and some thought on the Bluetooth connection, Onyx Studio 4 performs well both in terms of the response speed of the connection and the stability of its use. It is worth mentioning that, Onyx Studio 4 supports the simultaneous connection of two devices, which is convenient for users to use.

In terms of sound performance, Onyx Studio 4 is the first to be perceived, but also surprising, no doubt because of its low-frequency performance. After all, it uses two subwoofers with a diameter of 75mm, as well as two passive subwoofer enhancement units. This configuration fully shows a surging sense of sound energy in a 20-square-meter review room. Some friends will doubt whether the low frequency of Onyx Studio 4 will be large and scattered. In actual listening, the low frequency of, Onyx Studio 4 is calm, powerful and flexible, coupled with a slightly overflowing sense of quantity. Although listening for a long time will have a certain sense of fatigue, it is easy to follow the bass and sway your body.

In the middle part of the Onyx Studio 4 also has a very good sound density, the voice is prominent and full at the same time there is a certain sound dye, but the range of correction is not much. In pop music, the human voice can produce a good sense of distance from the low-frequency drum sound, and does not give people a mixed audio-visual feeling. The relative high frequency part also has a certain brightness, which makes the medium and high frequency part have good transparency. The only pity may be that the high frequency analysis is a little less interesting, so in the face of natural “metal sound” such as orchestral instruments, the overall details are slightly inadequate.


And many Bluetooth speakers still can not get rid of the cube design of traditional speakers, Harman Catton Onyx Studio 4 Bluetooth speaker disc-shaped appearance is a breakthrough, but also can echo with the modern simple home decoration style. Although the size of the Harman Catton Onyx Studio 4 Bluetooth speaker is not too small, it is really surprising to be able to exert such a sense of sound energy, which is followed by a popular and surging sense of hearing. If you are considering a Bluetooth speaker with both appearance and strength, and do not deliberately pursue portability, then Harman Catton Onyx Studio4 is worth considering.

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