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Asustek TUF Gaming VG279QM review: 280Hz ultra-high brush rate IPS panel various unique designs give players the upper hand.

Asustek TUF Gaming. E-sports agent. The 27-inch Fast IPS panel used by VG279QM (hereinafter referred to as: Asustek VG279QM) uses fast liquid crystal molecules that flip 4 times faster than ordinary IPS displays, resulting in ultra-high refresh rate of 280Hz and ultra-fast gray-scale response time of 1ms GTG; at the same time, it supports G-SYNC Compatible compatible intelligent synchronization technology and Asustek”s own ELMB SYNC and Shadow Boost. Shadow enhancement. Technology, HDR400 certification. Many bright spots, how does Asustek VG279QM perform? let’s take a look.

Appearance design.

First of all, the accessories part of Asustek VG279QM, the box contains screen with bracket, bracket base, there are HDMI cable, DP cable, power cord and instructions, warranty card, more conventional.

When you see this bracket and its base, you must be familiar with it. Asustek e-sports display. Often seen on the, sturdy and solid support + founder counterweight base is rare.

  The bracket and screen are self-assembled at the factory, and players only need to connect the bracket and the base, and then tighten the screws to complete the assembly.

  The bracket base is surrounded by a bright red band around the dial. Highlight e-sports ‘s style. . In addition to the “TUF GAMING” brand LOGO, there is also a G-SYNC certification label on the base.

  The display body and bracket are assembled at the factory, which is convenient for players to assemble. at the same time, it supports the wall hanging standard of VESA standard, which makes it convenient for players to use the bracket for their own use. The top of the main body of the bracket is still marked with four adjustable parameters of the bracket, which is still invisible at a glance, increasing the sense of mystery.

  The back of Asustek VG279QM, although there is no RGB lighting effect, but. E-sports style. It still stands out. The grooves and textures of the eagle wings are imitated on both sides of the support.

  ” ASUA. ASUS. The brand LOGO of “TUF GAMING” Show e-sports brand. Belonging, frosted backplane to improve texture.

  The interface configuration of the Asustek VG279QM is relatively regular, with 2 HDMI, 1 DP 1.2 and USB and 3.5mm audio input holes.

  Positive adoption of Asustek VG279QM. Narrow. Frame design, and almost achieved 4. Edge narrow bezel. . Unlike other manufacturers who use dark black frames to achieve a “more narrow bezel” effect, Asustek VG279QM uses gray-black borders to show its own narrow bezel design and show confidence. Indeed, the Asustek VG279QM frame + the black edge of the screen is narrow enough, especially the bottom border.

  The lower border is slightly wider than the other three sides, but it is also definitely narrower than many other monitors. There are DP and HDMI logos in the lower left corner, highlighting the high performance of the interface.

  Even with. Narrow. Frame design, the right border is still marked with the screen printing of the OSD button, indicating the corresponding function of the OSD button. Corresponding to the back of the display are irregular trapezoidal OSD buttons and five-dimensional buttons. Press the key to feedback clearly, let four? The fingers correspond one by one, and the quick operation can be realized.

-5 °~ 33 °pitch angle adjustment.

Lifting stroke 0~130mm.

Horizontal ±90 °rotation.

  The display supports 90 °horizontal and vertical rotation, which can display more content and improve office efficiency in the office scene.   Asustek VG279QM bracket adjustment freedom is very high, players can find a more comfortable perspective, sitting posture.

OSD menu & function.

  Asustek, as a veteran manufacturer of PC accessories, Around e-sports. A big factory naturally has its own. A set of e-sports ecology. Naturally includes mature OSD menus and functions. Next, let’s take a look.

Game menu.

  Open the OSD menu, starting with the game accessibility menu. The overclocking function allows the display to achieve the ultra-high refresh rate of 280Hz. And. OverDrive. Option, which can make the liquid crystal unit rotate faster, greatly shortening each. Between gray scales. Response time, greatly reduce the grayscale response time, alleviate the problem of shadowing.

   Asustek VG279QM supports variable refresh rate technology (VRR), Passed the G-SYNC compatibility certification. In NVIDIA. . GeForce. . GTX10 series and NVIDIA. . GeForce. . VRR, will be enabled by default on the GTX20 series graphics card. Support variable refresh rate, reduce screen tearing and achieve higher frame rate. Players can enjoy a smooth, tear-free game experience.

   The blurred picture is the player. FPS is sometimes another “big enemy”. Asustek VG279QM display provides a “unique skill”, which is ELMB SYNC (Asustek dynamic image resolution technology), also known as. Fixed frequency / dynamic frequency. Dual-frequency intelligent synchronization technology. It can be opened at the same time with G-SYNC to eliminate picture blur under the dynamic refresh rate, and truly achieve the premise of anti-screen tearing and frame loss, so that players can completely bid farewell to the phenomenon of screen blur and shadow.

  Asustek VG279QM has many game aids. Among them, the star function is very practical. Preset 6 star options, giving players enough choices.

  At the same time, the display supports the display of real-time frame rate, which makes it easy for players to control the operation of computers and games.

  If multiple monitors are needed to splice the display screen, Asustek VG279QM provides display alignment function to facilitate players to adjust the splicing position of the screen.

  The display presets seven display modes, including scenery, competition, FPS, RTS and so on. You can feel the differences between these modes through the legend. Very rich, convenient for players to find a suitable display style, get a better display screen.

  And finally, Shadow Boost. Shadow enhancement. Function, can make the darker and darker parts brighter, so that you can see the details of the dark side more clearly, and it is convenient for FPS players to see the enemy hiding in the shadows.

Image menu.

 The display supports ASCR technology, which can improve the display screen in chromaticity optimization and reduction. Most. Comprehensive adjustment of black brightness and contrast. This feature is similar to G-SYN. V. C. Work together with Free-SYNC to improve panel response and reduce dynamic blur.

  There is also the low Blu-ray technology that manufacturers have promoted in recent years. Asus VG279QM supports level 5 low Blu-ray adjustment, which helps players find a suitable low Blu-ray display style and get the most comfortable display screen.

Trial & Test.

  According to the actual measurement of the game, the Asustek VG279Q, screen with high-speed gray-scale response and high refresh rate is transparent and smooth, bright and dark, and small. Make up and stay. Good impression. Look forward to the performance of the monitor in the screen quality test.

   Color gamut. The measured Asustek VG279QM can cover 97% of the sRGB gamut and 77% of the color gamut. AdobeRGB. Color gamut, Gamut coverage. It’s good enough, Reach e-sports monitor. Mainstream level.

  Tone response test, the result is shown in the picture, black test curve. In. Two datum curves. Within the scope, There is a certain deviation and comprehensive performance. Not bad. .

  Tested at 100% brightness, the color uniformity is shown in the picture. The upper right character temperature is closest to the standard value of 6500K, the maximum deviation value of 3.6 appears in the upper left corner, and the color uniformity is good.

  Under 100% luminance, the luminance uniformity is good. The maximum brightness is 207.3cd/ “, and the overall maximum difference is 12%. The difference in brightness is generally not easy to detect.

   Color accuracy test. The results show that the average E value of 48 colors is 3.91, which is the highest. Deviation value. It is 9.19, and the minimum is 0.34. For a small King Kong positioning 3000 yuan display, the performance is not satisfactory. However, in terms of practical use, Main highlight. It lies in the e-sports monitor. The IPS panel can achieve the highest 280Hz over refresh rate, which is aimed at the screen optimization of the game. From this point of view, Display screen. Or. Acceptable. Of. .

  Asustek TUF. GAMING. . VG27. 9QM. It is the most popular product using “Fast IPS” panel at present, with the highest 280Hz refresh rate and 1ms. Gray scale response. Refresh rate. , HDR 10 and VESA. DisplayHDR. 400 certification. In addition to the visual angle and color expression, the response speed and refresh rate are comparable to or even higher than the TN panel. That’s for sure. If again. Lifting. Chromatic sum. Increase the resolution to. 2K, This monitor will be more perfect. .

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