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360 Smart IP Camera Zoom Version Review: A Housekeeping Artifact with a 9X Zoom


360 Smart camera zoom version

Of course, the house secretary has also experienced a number of smart home security cameras, the overall experience is mostly similar, and there are no more bright spots to attract the house secretary”s attention. Recently, a brand-new product came to the evaluation room of the house, and it successfully made the house secretary feel bright in front of his eyes. It is the zoom version of the 360 smart camera that the secretary is coming to share with you today. Its biggest feature is to support 9 times mixed zoom, the addition of this function, a good make up for the intelligent security camera “can not see” the pain point, and therefore, so that the product has more use scenes.


Which scenarios do you think the smart camera will be used in? In the opinion of the secretary of the house, there is nothing more than using it to see something, for example: if you are a shovel shit officer, you can see what the cat owners at home are doing after going out, or you have just become a parent and always want to see the growth of the baby at home. Maybe you are a traveler struggling far away from home and want to keep an eye on the situation of your parents at home all the time. Or, as a small shop owner, you need to know all kinds of dead corners in the store, or you just want to guard against theft at home. In these different scenarios, the requirements for smart cameras are the same and different, but what kind of experience does 360 smart camera zoom version bring? Might as well let the house secret take you a scene to have a look.


Easy to install and easy to adapt

Before talking about the scene, I’d like to talk about the basic information about this 360 smart camera zoom version. First of all, in terms of installation, the 360 intelligent camera head zoom version is very convenient, providing three modes for users to choose from: placing, hanging and hanging upside down, and users can choose at will according to the environment in which they are used. The house secret still chooses the normal display in most scenes, the broad base is very smooth, even if the pet at home is naughty to touch the camera, it is not easy to be dumped.


360 intelligent camera head zoom version uses a simple design style, the shape is very suitable for the current modern home decoration style, placed in any scene, but also not obvious. 


The installation of the smart camera is also very simple. As long as you download the APP, of the camera according to the steps to add equipment inside, you can easily complete the adaptation and realize the linkage between the camera and the APP.


Have pet 9 times zoom to see more clearly

Today, domestic pets have become a very popular way of life in modern times, in the family, keeping a pet can enliven the originally lifeless atmosphere. People at home, after working and studying outside, go home and have a lovely pet by your side, which can undoubtedly relieve loneliness and adjust the atmosphere at home.

However, it is not always so beautiful. Perhaps, sometimes when you enter the house, you will find that the house is a mess, just when it is about to happen, the little guy looks miserable, if there is no empirical evidence, it is really difficult to educate this little guy.


360 Smart camera head zoom version of the lens can be shot at Degrees. As a result, more and more users begin to install security cameras at home. But ordinary security cameras are always somewhat unsatisfactory in terms of function. Especially for many people with a fixed perspective, the little pets in the family run around and often come to a dead corner.

 In contrast, the smart camera zoom version of Zhaixiaomi’s trial provides more scenes to meet the special needs of more pet users. For example, the ability to zoom 9 times, this function breaks through the shortcomings that the original home security camera can not zoom in, allowing users to enlarge local details and see a more detailed picture.


In the actual measurement, because the house secret does not keep pets, so he used his colleague next door as the test object. The following are the photos taken at different degrees of zoom:



From the above photos, under different focal lengths, the images are relatively clear, and you can even see the smiling face clearly. In the case of taking care of the pet, you can see some details more clearly, such as the surplus of food and water from the pet, you can grasp the daily state of your pet at any time.


In addition, compared with the traditional home security camera, the camera zoom version has a 360-degree panoramic view, through the vertical horizontal two-axis motor, users can adjust the camera angle at any time through the phone APP, so that even if the pet runs to the corner, you can still see it.


AI mobile tracking function also allows the camera to automatically track running pets and capture every moment. Zhai Xiaomi tested it with a small toy of an online celebrity, and his colleagues also tried it a little while passing by.


Of course, the zoom version of the 360 smart camera also supports two-way voice calls, which can be used to flirt with your pet remotely at any time. In addition, the built-in low-light full-color function can capture colorful pet images even if the light in the house is not very good.


Distant travelers accompany their parents all the time

Today, there are not a few wanderers struggling alone, and Zai Xiaomi is one of them. The parents in the family are getting older and older, can there be some ways to make up for the lack of filial piety around them? Maybe 360 smart camera zoom version is also a good choice.


9x zoom function to this scene, but also has more unique functions. For example, when talking to parents, zoom + 360-degree panoramic field of vision to help parents find something. In addition, two-way voice calls can also make better calls for parents. When you are far away from home, you also have the feeling of being with your parents all the time.

In addition, the intelligent housekeeping function can be set up on the app side, and if there is any change, an alarm will be issued in time when the scope that needs to be cared for is selected. Give the family maximum protection as much as possible, and it can also make the travelers far away from home feel more at ease to struggle.

Children in the new era is the most precious. However, in the current social conditions, many new parents still have a lot of work, and when they are busy, it is easy to miss the most precious process of growing up. 360 smart camera zoom version can also make up for some regrets to some extent.


Through the AI mobile tracking function, the camera can always follow the baby at home, at the same time, the video recording function can also save every precious moment of the child’s growth. In addition, it also supports the generation of Vlog, automatic capture data to generate wonderful videos, and it is also convenient for parents to save every beautiful moment for their children’s growth process.


At the same time, in the process of testing, many videos taken by hand can be saved directly on the mobile phone, and parents who like to “sun up their children” can post wonderful videos directly to moments, which is very convenient.

Home security and in-store security are also good helpers.

After the test of the home secretary, the zoom version of the 360 smart camera can also play a greater role in the traditional security scene in addition to the above scenarios. For example, the automatic patrol in the APP can regularly and automatically photograph the areas that need to be monitored.


In addition, large aperture, large lens, can also make the camera zoom version take a more complete and clearer picture. Through the low light level full color,

Intelligent camera head zoom version can also capture color images when the light is not very ideal, if you need to pick up just this image, you can more clearly describe the useful information in the image.


Photos taken through the low-light full-color function


Of course, enhance the infrared night vision function, but also can better show the images in the night scene, further enhance the security function, so that users can feel more at ease.

Written in the last


After a period of use, the house had to be impressed by the zoom version of the camera. As mentioned earlier, the secretary of the house has tried a lot of intelligent security cameras, but after adding the zoom function, there is no doubt that the use of intelligent security cameras has been expanded, whether it is watching pets, parents, babysitting, housekeeping, and so on. can enable users to achieve their goals, and can better meet more user needs. Really let users use peace of mind, rest assured, worry-free, happy!

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