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11.11 Gearbest Single Day – This 6 best presents for your scatterbrained friend

⒈ Smartwatch:

The most useful tool af all time ever. You can set whatever notification or alert you need. It is a real personal assistant: from the morning alarm to the sedentary or drinking reminder, it combines a multitude of funcions.


It vibrates when your mobile phone rings, when you receive a message or just when the phone is too far from you. It can show push up notifications of your apps and remote your camera, count your steps, your calories, remind you to do what you need with just one beep.


⒉ GPS/Wifi tracker:

Can’t find your keys, mobile phone, socks, shoes, bag, remote control, dog or even children?

Don’t despair, you are not alone and somebody invented a life-saving tool perfect for you.

It is a small device that you can attach to the things you are afraid to loose.

The tracker can inform you when they are out of the setup range with Geo-fencing function, GPS and other technologies. And it is actually helpful for safety issues.


Change/coins collector:

Awwww. Change, coins, yes later I’ll put them in the wallet. But they are everywhere: in your bag, on the sofa, on the table, in your pockets, in the trousers you just got of of the washing machine.

We found a nice cute way to help you to get rid of the pennies you find around the house and save money at the same time. It will literally eat them all!




⒋ Portable 8 Pin Charging and Sync Cable of Bracelet Design:


Hehe. Battery is over. And of course the charging cable is at home.

This one is really helpful, a cable that is at the same time a cool and quite fashionable bracelet, put it on in the morning and don’t worry, you’ ll just have to find a plug.




Colorful Umbrella hooks:


Open the door, throw everything on the table or on the small cabinet in the entrance.

Then, things magically disappear. Familiar with this situation?

These hooks are colorful and convinient, just hang glasses, headphones, keys, wallet, and next time you will find them easily.



⒍ 5 in 1 Charging cable kit:


So,ehm, mobile phone, tablet, mp3player, camera. Yes, but where did you put the charging cables?

Don’t panic, the solution is this kit, five in one, fit for all your devices. Portable, light, keep it always with you.




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